You don’t HAVE to do it.

You don’t HAVE to do it.





The last few days have been rough on me.

We returned from our two week adventure visiting our family and attending wedding festivities in the SF bay area….a lot of firsts for little Aza and this new mama. It was a wonderful trip that reminded me what an adaptable, easy going little girl we have and gave me confidence in doing future adventures!

However, on our way home she began to sniffle and by the first day my husband went back to work she was full blown sick. All of a sudden she was like a different baby….obviously uncomfortable poor thing…. she screamed on her changing table, screamed everytime I set her down, and woke up after 20 minutes on every nap.

After three days of being home alone with a crying baby while trying to get the normal things done for my business, I felt like I was losing my mind. I was exhausted and my brain was mush.

I had on my mind all week that I needed to write an article to submit for publishing and I had an idea of what I wanted to write about but there was just no moment without a baby in my arms before Thursday when my husband doesn’t work and is home with the baby.

Usually writing is something I love doing, but with the sick baby and catching up from being gone, I had put a lot of pressure on myself to wake up thursday morning and get the article done.

It was something I “had” to do.

But did I mention I was exhausted and my brain was mush?

Nothing was flowing out of me. The article was not coming together in my head Wednesday night as I lay awake trying to prepare for my writing session the next morning. And I woke up feeling drained.

So I said to myself “you don’t have to write your article” and I said to my hubby “we are going out” and by 8:30 am we were walking along the harbor on a sunny crisp day in view of Mt Rainier, the fishing boats, and early morning wildlife. Aza sat content in her stroller as my hubby and I sipped coffee and talked about our dreams.

Within minutes, I felt lighter. My whole life and business made sense again and I was EXCITED.

My husband is one of my inspiration & dreaming partners along with my biz partner Kimberly and my RLI tribe, and after a few minutes of focused conversation with any of these folks I always enter this mode of “being on fire” with passion and ideas.

Good thing I brought my computer just in case because after the 30 minute walk, I sat down at a picnic table next to the water and wrote the article AND THIS BLOG while Aza played with her daddy on the grass next to me

{A reminder to all of us….if you feel stuck, struggle, procrastination….}

>>> Tell yourself, “You don’t have to do it {that thing you are struggling doing}”

>>> Then reach out to someone who inspires you {maybe it’s just yourself or nature! Maybe it’s your RLI tribe or a coach, maybe a friend or partner} and have a chat about things that matter to you.

>>> After both of these steps are taken, just observe what you do NATURALLY rather than FORCEFULLY.

The truth is that when you are taking care of yourself, aligning your actions with your authentic desires, and surrounding yourself with the peeps that support and inspire your passions, the things that are your true gift to the world and that you are meant to be doing will flow out of you naturally….no willpower needed.

I firmly believe that if something is feeling forced you are either:

>>> Drained from not taking care of yourself,

>>> Needing some pow-wow time with an inspiring tribe or person or experience,

>>> OR you are not meant to be doing that thing in the form you are trying to force yourself to do it.


Tell us YOUR story over on the  BLOG! How does this blog relate to something going on in your life and what happens when you try out the steps described above?


<<<Curious what The Revolutionary Living Club is all about and how you can utilize this community as your inspiration partners?!? Stay tuned because we are going to be making a very special announcement about how you can access this amazing tribe and movement once our new website is launched!>>>

Boldly doing life differently and standing for your happiness,

Tessa Chittle

Revolutionary Living & Business Strategist/Designer



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  1. When I get into this space, I ask myself, why am I struggling with this, when I should be at ease? Then I get still, focusing on my breathing, and reach out to my folks, just like you did. Thanks for sharing.

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