Writing a Manifesto Will Create The Momentum You are Seeking….

Writing a Manifesto Will Create The Momentum You are Seeking….

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For those of you who are a little unsure about why everyone is so excited about writing their manifesto, I have put together….

5 Reasons Why Writing a Manifesto Will Create The Momentum You are Seeking In Your Business, Movement or Life.


The dictionary definition of a manifesto is….

Manifesto (man??fest?):

a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of an individual or group of people.

However, the implications of writing a manifesto are so much more than this definition suggests. The manifesto-writing process is the branding of YOUR revolution. It is the rallying cry for igniting a movement and building momentum behind your cause. It is the process through which you personally know what you stand for in the world and can finally feel the peace, power, integrity, inspiration, freedom and space that comes with living in alignment with those values.

Writing your manifesto will create the momentum you are seeking in your business, movement or life by enabling you to…..

#1 Say Something BOLD…

Big impact in the world happens when you: 1.) Creatively approach something that is causing suffering in people’s lives…an injustice, a paradigm that people can’t see beyond, or an inefficiency that is making life harder, 2.) You offer a way to do or see that thing differently and 3.) You create the momentum necessary to reach and inspire people to try out a new approach or mindset.

For big momentum (and therefore big impact), you can’t just say something that everyone is saying in the same way that they are saying it. It doesn’t have to be a solution that cures world disease or anything but it’s gotta have some secret sauce that is unique to you.

Through the process of writing your manifesto you explore your own unique story, beliefs, talents, and values to find an authentic declaration of who you are and what you stand for in the world. Within this process, you will find your B.O.L.D {Or in other words, the contribution, the approach, the secret sauce, the viewpoint, the gift that you uniquely offer to take a stand for something you believe in}.

Your manifesto also provides your B.O.L.D with a structure and an identity through representing it with words, visuals, diagrams, authentic stories, sounds, and style so others can relate to it, rally around it, spread it, and really start LIVING IT. This creates the momentum you need for your new approach to reach and inspire the masses.

#2 Feel Freedom and Clarity….

In your manifesto you effectively and AUTHENTICALLY communicate who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. Through the process of finding this clarity and breaking free from indecision and fear, you find a deep confidence in your authentic voice, your purpose, and in who you are as an individual.

This allows you to feel freedom from comparison to others because no one else can be you. You find freedom from the self doubt and inadequacy you may feel when you look at someone else’s life or business and think “I should be more like them” and instead you see that you speaking, dressing, working, coaching, and doing business YOUR way is what leads to the most momentum {not to mention happiness in your own life!}.

#3 Go Viral….

When you say something unique and bold in a clear way that people can relate to, your ideas will spread throughout the world naturally….especially if you can harness http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/cholesterol-lowering/ online internet tools.

You can take your manifesto and pare it down into shareable and visual representations of you: A video that starts conversations and has people seeking YOU out for interviews ; a downloadable poster that people print out for their wall AND send to their mailing list; a facebook sharable that people relate to so much that they want to take the time to post it to all their groups.

This is how you ignite a movement where your ideas spread without much effort on your part….organic word of mouth growth.

Revolutionaries don’t “market” their cause….they INSPIRE others to live it and share it.


#4 Rally a Tribe….

As you share your authentic voice and beliefs, a tribe will start gathering around you. People need to see what you stand for in order to get onboard. They also need to be inspired by your conviction with which you live by your values. When you know what you stand for, and you live your life according to your own manifesto, people will be drawn to you. And when you have a document that lays it all out, that document becomes the rallying call, the oath, the shared mission that folks can get behind, and shout from the rooftops!

In other words, the manifesto gives your movement an identity that your community can be built upon.

Changing the world and making an income is easier {and way more fun} with community standing with you.


#5 Create EFFECTIVE Content…..

The manifesto in it’s full form is a document that provides a foundation of themes, language, visuals, and style that represents you and your movement. This leads into thematically consistent wording and topics for your website, blogs, articles, videos, and speeches. It provides guidance for your program formats, content, and “marketing”.

You can even directly use the manifesto (or pieces of it) as a free gift on your website or as an introduction document that helps potential partners, clients, or affiliates get to know you.

The manifesto gives strategy, consistency, and clarity to your content so you can be more effective and focused with your energy. Think…… a TED talk, a blog, a video, an article that seriously rocks the world, shifts paradigms, and gives your movement momentum instead of the sound of crickets when you send your words into the universe.


 ***Bonus*** Take Action With Ease….

Fear, indecision, procrastination, and self sabotage ….all blocks that can prevent us from taking the action we know we want to take in our life or business.

{FEAR}Your manifesto is a document to remind you of your “why” so you can fearfully leap (ie act even with fear).

{INDECISION} Your manifesto offers guidance on what to let into your life and what to not waste energy on so you can make decisions and move forward instead of every decision stopping you in your tracks….sometimes for years!

{Procrastination and self sabotage} These blocks rear their ugly heads when we are feeling out of alignment. Your manifesto will serve as a checklist to look at each morning as you start your day or to go back to and evaluate what might be out of alignment.


The take home…

The momentum you are seeking, whether it be for a personal Revolution in your life, a cause you are leading in your community or a bold movement you are igniting around your business, begins with your MANIFESTO.


Take a peek at all the details of The Manifesto Retreat……

Boldly doing life differently and standing for your happiness,

Tessa Chittle

Designer of Strategy for Revolutionary Lives and Businesses, Visionary of Collaborations, DIY-Homesteading-Dreamer, Entreprenuerial-Mama, and Igniter of Movements


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