What Has Drastically Helped Me Get What I Want and Improved My Business

What Has Drastically Helped Me Get What I Want and Improved My Business


Yesterday I jumped on my bike after seeing clients at a local café and I was in a slight dilemma, my client session lasted longer than I expected (I am sure this never happens to you…) and I had a small amount of time to get to my next appointment. In a car this wouldn’t have been an issue because I could have gotten to where I was going in about 5 minutes but by bike I knew it would take anywhere from 15-25 minutes. I had only seconds to collect beta and make a decision about the route I would take. There are two paths I had to choose from. One path would get me there quicker but is straight uphill the whole way. The other path was longer, a little out of the way, but was flat and ‘easy’. As I was thinking about my choices it hit me…

One path would get me what I wanted and the other wouldn’t. Both would have gotten me to point B but only one path got me to my wants, needs, and desires of being on time to my next client. The uphill path.

I began to break down the process of getting what you want:

We all have needs, desires, and wants. At certain moments in time certain needs, wants, and desires are more important than others. This is the only reason we do anything. If we didn’t desire, need, or want something we wouldn’t be inspired to do anything… because there would be no driving factor. (This is when indecision is real…when what we are going after isn’t what we really want, desire, or need.)

Then we have choices on how to get said needs, desires, and wants met.  This is the more conflicting part of the equation. We live in a time on our planet that we have more choices than we know what to do with.  It is like going to the grocery store to buy milk. There isn’t just one option for milk. There are 15 options of milk. This is one of the main complaints of my clients; I just don’t know what to choose. What do I do first…etc. The only problem with this is that we keep gaining more options but we are not taught the skills to weed through the options to choose what will work for us and get us what we really want.

Instead we get overwhelmed and don’t do anything or we live in fear of choosing the wrong thing. Well here is the truth; you can never http://www.buyambienmed.com choose the wrong thingThe difference with choices is that one choice will move you closer to what you want right now and the other choice won’t. The key to choosing something in your life or business is distinguishing what is in alignment and will move you towards what you want.

When our actions don’t align with our desires we tend to feel:








And everything in between

When our actions are align with our desires we tend to feel:








And all the yummy, gooeyness sandwiched between

How To Get What You Want:

1.     Get extremely clear about what you want, desire, need RIGHT NOW.


  • What do I need right now to have peace?
  • What, right now, would I be going after to be fully alive and expressed in the world?
  • If I desired anything, right now, what would it be?
  • What do I need or desire right now that would take away the struggle, frustration, or overwhelm?

2.     What actions are you taking? Is what you are doing aligned and moving you toward what you want?


Example 1:

Desire/Need/Want : Money

Action not in alignment: spending hours trying to figure out how to add a recipe to your newsletter

Action in alignment: following up with potential clients, setting up new potential client conversations, making connections in your town, constantly sharing what you are up to in the world


Example 2:

Desire/Need/Want : Get a speaking gig.

Action not in alignment: hours spent trying to find a label for your body care products

Action in alignment: hours researching and emailing your press kit to teleseminars, conferences, venues to get your name out and get a potential speaking opportunity

BONUS: Think outside the box when you are trying to get what you want.


  • Who do I know that might have connections or information that would move me toward my desire/want/need?
  • What can I do that would inspire me to think creatively? Art, hike, call best friend, sing…etc.
  • How can I take care of myself right now and come back to this task?
  • If nothing would get in my way what action step would I take?

Now take it…

  • What is the one thing I am absolutely terrified to do?
                                 Do it…

Take action, take action, take action. Action gives you clarity. Action moves you forward. Action changes the game.

Where are you out of alignment? What new action step can you take to move you toward what you want, RIGHT NOW? Share it below on our blog…we want to hold you accountable to get what you want out of life and in your business!

Cheers to aligned action,





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