We would like to publish your writing….

We would like to publish your writing….


Hey you,

I see you just as you are right now and think it’s about time the world see you too.

I know, I know, your website isn’t updated or maybe it is non existent. You think you have 10lbs to lose. You don’t quite know what your niche is or what gifts you have to offer. Or maybe you do but you think you have to do something, or be somebody, or have some lifestyle before you start actually sharing them….otherwise, who would care what you have to say anyways?

Well, it’s time to be seen now. In your journey. In all you have to offer right now as the beautiful revolutionary that you are.

Guess what? We have an audience all lined up for you so that what you have to say is heard in the world.

Remember how we said that we are creating RLI as a platform not just for OUR WORDS AND WORK but for all of us as a movement of people doing things differently to be collectively heard and supported? Well, we are getting there…. to a place where the momentum of this platform is growing and now it’s time for your part. The part where you give us your work, your stories, your experiences so we can show the world and build momentum around your work.

I know you have something written in those journal pages or maybe you have a list of titles for future blogs or articles you have been meaning to write.

You know, those words you took time to write while sitting on that mountain top inspired, or thoughts you took time to think while you sat nursing your newborn without hands to type, or those conversations you used your precious air to have as you felt lit up and on fire and connected at that last retreat you went to…

Where are those words now?

Hidden in the pages of your journal?

Lost in your computer hard drive?

Sitting unpublished on your blog?

Because the moment passed by and then suddenly you questioned and doubted all the words that you wrote or thoughts that you thought or big ideas you shared over a cup of coffee….who would care anyways?

All those stories.

All those thoughts.

All those ideas.

They are important.

Even the ones that just capture a simple moment, a single feeling, an experience that you haven’t quite worked out the significance of yet, an unfinished idea that may go nowhere but also may be brilliant.

These stories will combine with all the other stories and thoughts of everyone in the world to shape each of our reality and experience, and therefore they will create the world.

Our “simple” experiences, when shared, will collectively shift paradigms.

They will take us into a new age of history.

They will start revolutions in how we think and do.

This is how our worldview collectively evolves, the combinations of all the simple conversations around simple experiences and crazy ideas.

Your words are a catalyst…{Yes you, at home mama. Yes you, entrepreneur with no clients yet. Yes you, lady who looks like you have it all together but inside feels like a fraud and is just terrified to show the world}

Your words are a catalyst…..But only when they are shared.

There are many places to share your words….maybe you know this but feel intimidated to submit something. Maybe you don’t know about guest blogging and getting published in an online magazine. Maybe you submit your work all the time.

Wherever you are with the sharing of your words, we’d like to offer you a different sort of space to share so perhaps you are less intimidated or perhaps you share stories you never thought to share before and in a way you never thought to share them.

The Revolutionary Living Institute blog space is for your stories WHILE YOU ARE ON YOUR JOURNEY TO CREATING YOUR REVOLUTIONARY LIFE…..Not just when you have it all figured out, not just when you have “5 tips” to share or a brilliant template or a huge epiphany that made all of your problems suddenly nonexistent.

We don’t want the final version of your life (because that only happens when you are dead). We want your stories along the way…..vulnerably shared and deeply http://www.eta-i.org/provigil.html described so the reader can experience them for themselves, or just playfully explored so the reader can play right along with their own experience.

You may have some realizations or some tips. Your story may take a bold stand for something. You may simply be asking the audience to witness you as you do life differently or capturing a moment you became aware, mindful, present.

You do not have to be perfect or have a perfect life to share.

You do not have to be a perfect writer.

You do not have to follow a formula for your writing and please do not use sales page writing, hot hooks, or make your post look like anyone else’s.

Show not tell. Pull out that creative self, that unique voice, that informal language. Don’t follow rules about where to put paragraphs. Use story, poetry, the visual.

Do not be afraid to say something you are not sure is “true” or “right” or that may cause controversy. That’s what happens when you are playing in the realm of revolutions and boldness….all the ideas have be brought to the table.

Do not try to convince anyone of anything…instead take people on an experience from which they can draw their own conclusions or take what they need.

Just be you….telling the stories of you on this journey of doing life differently and creating your revolutionary life.

We will be very selective with the pieces we choose, but not like that english teacher that red marked up your papers because you didn’t use correct sentence construction. We will be selective in choosing pieces that are creative, different, authentic, bold, vulnerable, simple yet beautiful, saying things in new ways, and/or that give our audiences an experience of emotional connection through the use of storytelling (not ALL of the above is necessary!)

We want to cultivate a new habit of writing in this way since so many of us have gotten stuck in the sales writing that is all around us and miss our more creative side.

We believe this is the type of writing that ignites movements rather than simply builds businesses.

If you are interested in the application and submission process to have your work published on the Revolutionary Living Institute’s blog, please enter your name and email in the boxes below so we can send you our process and guidelines. As described in these guidelines, we will publish a bio along with your writing where you can link to your website or blog or whatever you want people to check out. So your written piece can be free of sales and full of YOU….AND still be a great way for you to authentically grow your audience and build momentum around your work!

This is just one of the many ways we are creating spaces and building platforms for you revolutionaries to be seen and your voices heard. Not a fan of writing? We are currently working on plans for a Revolutionary Living community podcast space and You Tube channel to make it easy for you to share your ideas through voice and video. And last but not least, stay tuned for ways to speak your revolutions from the big stage as we create opportunities for the RLI community to have both virtual and live stage time in front of big audiences.

We have heard from our clients that one of the biggest blocks there is to fully sharing themselves in the world is knowing that their is actually an audience listening. So we have been working to create that audience and platforms where you can easily share your work and know it will be seen. By having a collective space, we are all building on eachothers momentum and drawing larger audiences then each of us could ever do alone.

Let’s begin with you telling one simple story…..Are you in?

If so, I’d like to give you a date to work towards of submitting your first piece by June 30th so we can get this ball rolling!

We look forward to reading your stories and sharing them with the world.

Tessa Chittle

Designer and Strategist for Revolutionary Lives and Businesses, Homesteading Mama, Visionary of Collaborations, and Igniter of Movements.

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