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I went on a mini vacation last weekend, spending three blissful days in Bellingham, WA. I went there feeling like I needed clarity and needed a break from work, stress, and life. I was open to exploring the reasons why things seemed so hard at the moment, why I was struggling with inspiration and struggling with being present and joyful. Let’s just say I got clear <very> clear. I got clear that my lack of inspiration and joy was because » Read Post
A few days ago I returned from a 3 day business retreat. Tessa (my business partner) and I decided to invest in some good ol’ get out of society and into our heads and bodies to powerfully create our next program! It was an amazing experience filled with bright spots and some dark spots and then this one thing that almost ruined our whole program, watch the video to see. All in all, I mark Tessa and I’s first work retreat a SUCCESS. In les» Read Post



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