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What Has Drastically Helped Me Get What I Want and Improved My Business
Yesterday I jumped on my bike after seeing clients at a local café and I was in a slight dilemma, my client session lasted longer than I expected (I am sure this never happens to you...) and I had a small amount of time to get to my next appointment. In a car this wouldn't have been an issue because I could have gotten to where I was going in about 5 minutes but by bike I knew it would take anywhere from 15-25 minutes. I had only seconds to » Read Post
by: Kimberly Jackson   …for a second and then you realize that your truth will set you free. I recently uncovered a very hurtful truth. Well a few to be quite honest… It would be really uncomfortable to have my dream body. It would be really uncomfortable to try my best at what I really want and stop distracting myself with a cram packed schedule. It would be really uncomfortable to love fully. It would be really uncomfortable t» Read Post



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