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What Has Drastically Helped Me Get What I Want and Improved My Business
Yesterday I jumped on my bike after seeing clients at a local café and I was in a slight dilemma, my client session lasted longer than I expected (I am sure this never happens to you...) and I had a small amount of time to get to my next appointment. In a car this wouldn't have been an issue because I could have gotten to where I was going in about 5 minutes but by bike I knew it would take anywhere from 15-25 minutes. I had only seconds to » Read Post
How To ACTUALLY Get Clients { for any professional in any field }
  The path to believing in your work and making money doing what you love, are passionate about, and that you truly value is one so brilliantly profound that deep, unshakable happiness becomes non-negotiable and inevitable.  { The Revolutionary Living Institute } Be authentic. Say what you really want to say. Don’t simply parrot the things that others say will get you clients. Speak YOUR truth. Be honest about what you ar» Read Post
Don’t quit before you get to the good stuff.
Huffing and puffing had been my last hour and half as I cycled for 10 miles straight up hill on gravel roads on a mountain bike. Let me just add I had not been on a mountain bike since 2008 until last week. Also I live in a 'hilly' city in which I bike commute regularly but summiting mountains on a mountain bike is something I had never done until last week. After 10 miles of riding into the clouds I was hoping for a sign of a break when I turned» Read Post
Too many choices?
  This or that? So many choices... What to do?             I know how frustrating it is to not know what to do...   Is this the right choice? Will I have more fun doing this or that? What will make me the most money?   Sound familiar? Something beautiful and unique is happening. Our generation has too many options. Every single day we are faced with» Read Post
Master The Art of Being Alone
Master the Art of Being Alone A four-week deep dive into one-self. Self-Love. Self-Exploration.  Self-Expression.   Getting divorced, I thought would be one of the hardest things to ever happen to me... until I started experiencing this...   Being alone. My divorce was difficult and painful for the obvious reasons that divorce is difficult and painful. Yet, what I didn't realize was what my divorce would push» Read Post
World English Dictionary defines lonely as: lonely (?l??nl?) — adj , -lier , -liest 1. unhappy as a result of being without the companionship of others: a lonely man 2. causing or resulting from the state of being alone: a lonely existence 3. isolated, unfrequented, or desolate 4. without companions; solitary This definition I believes shines light on only one area of loneliness. I believe that people who are in companionships also feel » Read Post
Do you feel scared or paralyzed in fear? Your fear is perfect. Do you feel resistant and not inspired to take action on all of these amazing dreams and desires that you have? Your resistance is amazing. You are exactly where you are supposed to be... Your fear is flaring up because you are doing something that means something to you. Your fear is rising because you are doing something that you desire. Your fear is sho» Read Post
Ever since my divorce I began to notice something about myself that I had never noticed before.  I depend on things outside myself to know that I am valuable, worthy, and deserving in the world. Seeing this in myself has been a massive aha for me over the past year.  It has sent me on a journey to discover the worth that I believe and know is already within me. I believe this to be an epidemic in western culture this idea that our worth is » Read Post
Wanna know how to build your business and work less?  Yeah, Tessa and I did too so we started experimenting with how to do this and this 5 secrets that we have uncovered! 1.     Go out into the world and do what you love. If you love to dance, dance. If you love to play racquetball, play racquetball. Live your Revolutionary Life and people will be inspired just by watching you live. It really is an untapped secret, living your drea» Read Post
I don't know who all in our amazing community is in transition right now...but Tessa and I sure are, not only in our personal lives but quite honestly also in our business. I also want to acknowledge that most people that I know and love are also going through huge transitional times, so with that said I felt it necessary to reach out and say: It will all be okay, I promise. As I feel the hope of my own transition...I want to share it with you a» Read Post



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