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Immediate Happiness
Hey did you try the exercise from the video that we sent out as a gift to you?!! If you missed it, you can watch it >>>here. <<< Share with us below what came up for you. What the experience was like for you. What, if anything, shifted for you. Also what your level of happiness and connection was before you did it and what it was after! We are so excited to hear a» Read Post
Tessa and I just came back from an 8 day trip to New York City! This was a huge trip for The Revolutionary Living Institute, it was also a huge trip for our business partnership (we had never traveled together before). During the trip something came to me, traveling is a whole lot like building a business. It happens in stages. Stage 1. Giddy State of Arrival: You feel so excited and alive. The experience is also a little disorienting. It take» Read Post



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