Jess Brown

Jess Brown

Adventure Health Coach


Who are you?

I seek to create adventure and to help women through the healing powers of nature.

Exploreer. Visionary. Adventure Health Coach. My name is Jess Brown.

Who do you support?…What’s YOUR BIG Gift you are sharing with the world (business, programs, movement, message)

I started out with an idea of a big life and it has turned into something tangible. Wilderwomen Expeditions is a big dream come to life, many what ifs transformed to I wills then to I ams. It’s a living testament that work can be play, nature is the best form of medicine, and adventure is a lifestyle choice. Wilderwomen Expeditions is an adventure health coaching business created to heal, connect, and transform the lives of those who join the movement.

What is YOUR version of Revolutionary living and how are you living it? How does it feel to be living it?

Revolutionary living for me means dreaming big and living bigger. It means having the cojones to create a life and career I love because the alternative is not an option. Revolutionary living means allowing myself to show up as big and as bold as I can in the world and in relationships and never saying sorry for it. It means owning who I am, loving the imperfections, being enough for myself in all forms and setting an example for other women to do the same. It means being an inspirational warrior, saying forget the norm, ignore expectations, live free, and paving the way for other to lead really big lives. Having the courage to think up a life, look fear in the face, take the risk anyway and trust that it will work out feels liberating and amazing.

What’s your BIG dream/vision?

My big dream for Wilderwomen Expeditions is that it connects women to each other, their bodies, and the outdoors and that those connections will heal wounds, grow an amazing community, and teach women to live big, adventurous lives. Whether those adventures are in the wilderness, relationships, or in business I want it to start at Wilderwomen Expeditions. I know for me nature was my biggest teacher and the best medicine, and the ties I built in the outdoor community lead me to create an amazing business. I not only want to inspire others to live big lives I want to take them out and show them where to start. I want to transform lives and leave a legacy of adventure and healing. I want to provide a space for women to come and shed the weight of the world, to shake the expectations off, and to explore the world and change it while we do it.

Any big milestones/accomplishments you have recently had that lets you know that you are on your way to your dream/vision!

I have had huge accomplishments in my business lately. I got to travel for 4 months and networked for when I go international (hopefully by summer 2015), hired C.Miro Consulting to design a new website, have set a date for July for my first overnight group trip, and started finding freelance trip leaders for more trips in the making for this summer. I have also signed up with RLI for business coaching. Life has been on hyper drive and my business is in flux and is transitioning into some really big things.

What role has/is The Revolutionary Living Community (and coaches) playing in you designing and manifesting your revolutionary life and business, and FEELING the way you want to feel?

The Revolutionary Living Institute community is the reason I had the confidence to actually dive into my business. Not only are they all living their big purposes which is inspiring, they support my big purpose, believe in me and my business, and have talked me through so many doubts and insecurities. I had the opportunity to join RLI on their first retreat and it was pivotal in the creation of my business. It sparked a fire that is now a wildfire and that community never goes away.

Any tips you have for people who want to LIVE their Revolutionary life and business?

Just do it. It’s easy to spend all our time dreaming and then talking ourselves out of acting on those dreams. Stop doing the easy thing, do the inspirational thing and start now. Write out everything that pops into your head about how you want your life and business to work, get it out of your head and onto paper, then prioritize, and act. Start small, one thing at a time, tick some things off your list, and light the fire, as soon as you let that fire inside blaze it will set your life on fire. Let it happen.

  • Revolutionaries don’t always get a lot of external support for stepping off society’s path. So, make a path to a supportive, loving group like this one!
  • When we embrace the idea that we can never make a mistake in our lives, we can embody our brave selves and choose actions based on our highest good only.
  • If a goal isn’t realized, make a new goal and begin by being grateful for the last goal’s learning experiences..
  • Take time to explore deeply what messages are coming from your heart. Your heart is the starting point for living a revolutionary life and my business, Sparks of the Divine, is like putting a megaphone on your heart. You’ll be sure to hear your inner voice when you work with me!

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