How To ACTUALLY Get Clients { for any professional in any field }

How To ACTUALLY Get Clients { for any professional in any field }



The path to believing in your work and making money doing what you love, are passionate about, and that you truly value is one so brilliantly profound that deep, unshakable happiness becomes non-negotiable and inevitable. 

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  1. Be authentic. Say what you really want to say. Don’t simply parrot the things that others say will get you clients. Speak YOUR truth. Be honest about what you are here to offer the world. It is true that reinventing the wheel doesn’t make sense, but using what has worked for others when it does not resonate with you and what you actually offer creates inauthentic relationships with your clients. Gaining clients for your business is all about building relationships. Not fake relationships, authentic ones.
  2. Make building relationships your top priority: Be willing to spend time building a relationship with a potential client. The best way to build relationships is one-on-one conversations. I know that your time is limited and valuable, but this relationship that you build with potential clients is your golden ticket. One of my favorite quotes comes from Danielle LaPorte, she says “Your fulfillment stems from your motives.” When your motive is to be in service and to create lasting relationships, money and popularity are less important. You receive fulfillment from truly getting to know your clients and from being of service to them.  People can sense your motives and it will affect whether or not they hire you. This process is not simply about the end result; rather it is about the journey getting there.
  3. Live your dream life. The Revolutionary Living Institute knows that the best way to get clients for your business is to live your dream life. You meet the people who align with you by simply being out in the world doing the things that you love.
  4. Invest in things that you desire and that add value to your life and business. You are asking people to invest in themselves when they hire you. If you expect others to invest in themselves when they pay for your service, then you must be the model for that sort of exchange of energy. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself for the things that would make your life more full then why would anybody else do that? Also what energy are you putting out into the world if you want others to do something that you aren’t willing to do?
  5. Align your passions+values+talents, especially in your marketing and in how you are showing up in your life and in the world. When you are in alignment with your passions, values, and talents things feel in flow and quite a bit easier. You aren’t trying to force things to happen or trying to do something that you don’t actually want to do. When you are in alignment people can tell and they are drawn to you.
  6. Don’t be afraid of hearing someone say no. No means someone feels empowered to do what they need to do in their lives. No means your message is clear enough that they know they don’t need what you are offering. Or hearing no could give you an opportunity to check in and see what wasn’t in alignment for you during that potential client interaction. Also for everyone who says no to you, it opens up space in your business for the people who are a true yes and who are truly in need of your services.

Bonus Advice:

  1. Deal with your money issues! If you are aware that you have any issues around money, whether it is around receiving money, spending money on your business, or any other money challenges, go out and find someone who can help you work through them. I see more clients with money challenges than almost anything else. Money challenges will put a freeze on your business and, let’s be honest, no one wants a freeze on their business. The Revolutionary Living Institute LOOOOVES talking about money so feel free to contact us if you want a Money Mindset Breakthrough.

To be 100% transparent when getting clients is not an equation like most business schools or trainings are tricking us into believing. There are definitely tips that are helpful for us as we go on the journey of offering our gifts in the world, AND getting clients is a very individualized process.  You have to discover what feels best for you when offering your work in the world. If getting clients and making money were an easy equation then everyone would be a millionaire. Be fierce. Stop acting like your business is your hobby and take it on as your business, your passion, your love child in the world. When you have that mindset shift, everything will change!

Share with us what your greatest struggles are when trying to get clients. Share it over on our blog @ or email us at . Also if you have any questions you are dying to get answered around getting clients, money, or any other hot topics on entrepreneurship please shoot them over to us. We would love to answer whatever questions you have!!






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  1. “YOur fulfillment stems from your mOtives” is the most powerful quote i have heard In years and it Is proving true in my life over and over again. One of my core Values is to be of service. Whenever i show up to a Business meeting in the mindset to be of service, i almost alwAys have a positive and fulfilling outcome. When I don’t, then i don’t.
    Thanks kimberly!

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