Fuck Niches & Titles & Target Markets

Fuck Niches & Titles & Target Markets

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The Manifesto

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<<<<<<<<< And now onto the blog >>>>>>>>>

Just for fun I did a Facebook quiz the other day about what career I should have been in and got this…


You’re extremely creative, profoundly imaginative, and an original thinker. You see something in your head, and your brain has a way of figuring out how it should come into existence. You see something in the world, and you already know how to improve it tenfold. You have the power to affect people’s emotions and the ability to truly change how people perceive things.


When “designer” popped up I was like “that’s weird”.

As a coach and a person dedicated to serving my community since I was a wee babe shouldn’t I have gotten therapist or social worker or something?

But after I thought about it I realized that it fits me perfectly and I think anyone who has worked with me or knows me would agree.

Not only does the designation as a DESIGNER validate my deep passion for creating pretty spaces in my home and having twinkly lights above the farm tables at my dream dinner parties, and the obsessions I have with Pinterest, DIY projects, and watching design shows on HGTV, but it also fits perfectly for how I work with people and what talents I bring to my coaching that make my gifts unique.

I am realizing more and more that I am less of a typical “coach” and more of a designer and strategist for people wanting to create Revolutionary Lives and Businesses.

I am also an organizer of groups, a visionary of collaboration, and a bold-action-inspirer.

When I speak to a client I get a clear vision for how their unique mix of talents and passions can come together to change the world AND make an income…..and the business model and strategy that will make it happen based on their values and the lifestyle they want to be living. 

>>> I see CREATIVE collaboration potential everywhere I look and I bring people together.

>>> I see a business and I have a million ideas of how to IMPROVE it’s efficiency, results, effectiveness as well as the happiness of said business owner.

Someone comes into my virtual office seeing only impossibility and feeling overwhelm and they leave with a whole new way of perceiving their business, their vision, their gift and themselves.

These things come easily and naturally to me….

I guess because of my creative “designer brain” that is able to figure out “how to make things come into existence” and really “shift how people feel and perceive things”.

But can I call myself a DESIGNER?

Can I call myself a strategist?  Can I call myself a visionary of collaboration or a movement igniter?

I don’t have a credential for any of those?

What niche or target market is that serving? And shouldn’t I just stick to “coach” because that’s something that people understand?

AND here is where I use the F-bomb that I have been waiting to use since the first time someone said that…..

>>> I couldn’t make money with the “niche” of “revolutionary living” because that wasn’t something people will understand.

>>> I needed to speak my market’s language

>>> I needed to have big red flashing arrows pointing the the signup box on my sales page

>>> I should target my marketing to one of 5 marketable categories

>>> I should create programs that people say they want rather than programs that my heart is telling me is my duty to get out into the world

>>> I should hide what I really want to say behind some marketable facade to “trick” people into buying something I really want to offer

>>> My success will only happen if I follow this formula or that formula

>>> I should only invite people to speak on my telesummit or have affiliate partnership with people who have lists over 3000….because the “little guys” have nothing to offer.

>>> I needed more training or more credentials to really make money in this field

>>> My hobbies and passions will never make money or get signups so I need to stop believing I can make money doing what I love

>>> Now that I am a mom, I need to “GET REAL”, do business the traditional way, or make my husband work full-time.




Fuck niches and titles and credentials and BIG lists and target markets…

I can say that with conviction now because Revolutionary Living has become a MOVEMENT that has a whole tribe of ladies who speak it’s language and who are spreading it’s message like wildfire….

EVEN THOUGH we are choosing to do business & life DIFFERENTLY.

So yes…

Fuck niches and titles and credentials and BIG lists and target markets.

Ahhhh, it feels good to finally say that.





Be You.

Create a business model around YOUR talents.

Describe who you are in YOUR words.

Your most successful target market {the one that will flock to you with the most ease} will always be people who …..

>>> Already speak your language.

>>> Dig YOUR style…..of dress, of writing, of living, of doing business

>>> See you living your authentic Revolutionary life and say YES PLEASE.

And even those people who don’t speak your language will be so inspired by the strength and conviction http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/antidepressants/ with which you live your life by your values that they may even get curious and be converts to your tribe.

I’d like to share an example from a member of our RLI tribe to illustrate how embracing all of YOU and what you stand for in the world, and putting it out there boldly is more essential then picking a marketable niche or following some business formula…more essential not only for the flow of clients and income but also for fulfillment of your soul, the natural organic growth of community around you, and to feel the way you want to feel in your life.

The other day Katie Gordon (www.saffronzen.wordpress.com) came on our Revolutionary Leaders Pow-wow call dressed like this {note the wolf ears!}…

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

And she said this {which I asked her to recapture in writing so I could share it with you}…

“For a long time, I didn’t believe that there was enough abundance to go around, and that we were all in competition with each other for clients, for money, for visibility. I kept looking externally for answers to how to run my business and create my brand. I thought if I mirrored my business after someone who was already successful, I’d have a better chance of being successful myself. One day, with the guidance of a mentor, I realized I had everything I needed already inside me. I already had all my answers. All I had to do was get out of my own way. As soon as I made that decision and started allowing people to see me, my passions, the things that got me excited, I began attracting people to me who wanted what I had to offer. These people never would have found me if I hadn’t embraced my wild, creative, inner artist/alchemist. And it’s so much easier now! All I have to do is show up authentically, and it feels almost effortless. I can wear my wolf ears, talk about plant and animal spirits, share my experience with herbal medicine and not be afraid of people thinking I’m crazy or weird. I help inspire them to be THEMSELVES!”

Her “title” that she refers to herself as? 

“Gatherer of Bones + Crafter of Potions”

Bold. Revolutionary. Authentic to who she is at this moment.

Even me, who is not a regular tarot card reader, alchemist, animal-spirit-studier, or wolf-ear- wearer, has been captured by Katie’s recent presence on Facebook, Instagram, and blogs.

She is simply sharing how she is living her Revolutionary Life…

the potions and salves she is cooking up and the magic she is brewing….and people are inspired and entranced…even those who would normally think her hobbies are a little “different”.

And as a result she feels the momentum, the movement, the REVOLUTION she is igniting simply by living her Revolutionary life and doing business in a way that embraces all of who she is and what she stands for in the world.

So here’s my new title I am trying on…

Designer of Strategy for Revolutionary Lives and Businesses, Visionary of Collaborations, DIY-Homesteading-Dreamer, Entreprenuerial-Mama, and Igniter of Movements



Now it’s your turn…


An 8 minute activity to a title that embraces the whole YOU and starts calling in your unique tribe that will lead your movement in the world!

Take 2 minutes to free write about what you are really good at and what comes naturally to you (especially things you have noticed may not come naturally to everyone).

Now take 2 minutes to write what you enjoy doing with deep passion {Hobbies, what you do with free time, themes stemming from childhood of types of things you enjoy}.

Now take 2 minutes to write down what you want to take a stand for in your life and in the world {What injustice do you want to do something about? What do you believe deeply? What really matters to you? What do you want to feel? what do you wish for the world? What do you wish for every human to experience?}

Now spend 2 minutes turning this into a “title” that embraces all of you {personal, business, spiritual} without thought to what you “should” call yourself or what your niche “should” be.

** Bonus: Send us an email with your new email signature! 🙂




So now that we have said F-you to some of the most overplayed marketing lingo in our entrepreneurial field and you have a bold new description of yourself to take into the world….

Don’t forget to take a sneak peek at our new fall program which takes this concept a few steps further. The Manifesto Program + Retreat is all about embracing all of YOU and what you STAND FOR IN THE WORLD, and turning it into a bold declaration, a manifesto, and a rally cry to call in your tribe and ignite YOUR REVOLUTION ….


Click here to watch The Manifesto preview video!

Email us (support@revolutionarylivinginstitute.com) with “I am a Revolutionary” to get on the mailing list for the Pre-Sale of limited spots at this intimate retreat (….and to get early choice on accommodations and bonuses that will surprise you!)

Oh and just a note…..

I know you lady, the one reading this blog right now.

You are more than a business owner.

You are a Revolutionary

And when you let go of all the rules and restrictions and “shoulds”…… 

Your business will become so much more than a business. 

It will ignite a MOVEMENT.

A word-of-mouth-spreading Revolution in people’s lives and in the world.

And you will have a tribe around you crusading for change along with you.

AND you can make a living doing it too.

We are on a mission to support folks in doing life and business differently and training Revolutionaries to ignite MOVEMENTS in the world.

You will love hanging out with this tribe!

Boldly doing life differently and standing for your happiness,

Tessa Chittle

Designer of Strategy for Revolutionary Lives and Businesses, Visionary of Collaborations, DIY-Homesteading-Dreamer, Entreprenuerial-Mama, and Igniter of Movements


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