{Doing Marketing Differently} What does a tiny home, a speakeasy bar, & a mommy blogger have in common?

{Doing Marketing Differently} What does a tiny home, a speakeasy bar, & a mommy blogger have in common?

I have no desire to push….ever again.

No this is not a birth story, at least not a birth of a baby.

It’s about business. And how there is this great new field of coaching and solopreneurship that is opening possibility for so many moms, and artists, and adventurers and people who just don’t want to work for bosses anymore. But as this new field takes off in the world, promising freedom and passion and creativity and alignment, it is sadly being hijacked by the endlessly long sales page.

Not just the sales page but also it’s minions…the sales funnel, the sales conversation scripts, the templates and systems and oh the technology…computers, auto responders, google analytics, social media.

I was consulting with someone the other day who is about to start a launch of her program and her to-do list of everything she just “has” to do in order to get her new awesome program actually seen in the world would require an army to get done (and the secret I don’t want to tell her is that most people who get those big launch numbers using those typical marketing strategies have launched their programs several times and/or have actually amassed an army….an army of affiliates that is. Often, their business has become selling their gift rather than living it.)

No wonder she was procrastinating and thinking of quitting her business. She kept saying “they say this is what works in marketing and I want to get this work out there, so….”

It’s tiring to always be pushing. And, for that matter, to read or write all those long sales pages!!!

The truth is that it feels to me like a race to the bottom because the more we all support this system of doing business the more the system feels necessary in order to be seen in a market saturated by the same sales emails and sales pages and sales strategies.

Doesn’t everyone just start looking the same to you in your inbox?

I feel a wanting of seeing a program that looks different. A newsletter that says something different. A person doing things differently.

It seems to me that everyone is so inundated by newsletters they are deciding not to read them anymore. They are suspicious anywhere they are giving their name or email and every time you offer something for free they run for the hills because they want to avoid the uncomfortable strings attached to all the “free” things out there these days.

Many of my clients describe that crappy feeling when you know deep down you just want to do beautiful things for people and connect with them but they are darting their eyes to avoid you asking them for money.

Even though all solopreneurship businesses are starting to look the same, instead of doing things differently, we are told by the next business training program just to add another social media platform, or another marketing template, or some more expensive marketing technology.

Push harder, not differently. That’s the message I see.

I admit that I bought in partially to this system….I did a training program offering systems and templates and I tried them out for awhile with commitment. And there is nothing wrong with learning all these strategies just to understand the big picture of what many are doing in this field of solopreneurship.

But often we stop there. We say to ourselves “well if no one is doing it differently then it must not be able to be done.”

This what they say about lots of things and the truth is that people aren’t doing things differently because other people aren’t doing things differently.

And you know where the opportunity is for those of us with a little boldness? Low hanging fruit. No competition. A wide open market…. If we want to talk in business terms. I think it was Tim Ferris, author of the 4 Hour workweek who allowed me to see that the competition at the top is actually much less then it is in the land of mediocre. Everyone avoids the top because they think it’s impossible just because no one else is making it happen.

This idea can be expanded to any bold lifestyle.

Why aren’t more people living lives by their values whether it be traveling the world, or creating self sufficiency off their land or living in a community to raise their kids differently or doing business without the marketing”shoulds”?

You might be thinking “It must be because it is impossible or hard otherwise why would everyone still be at jobs they admit to hating, taking part in a food system that makes their skin crawl or raising kids in a routine where they just barely get through each day or doing business in a way that doesn’t feel aligned with who they are? So we better just put aside those ‘crazy, impractical ideas’.”


What I think is actually happening is that people don’t do it because other people aren’t doing it. But if you do, if you do do the bold different thing in how you live or build your business, there is a huge amount of momentum there because you are one of the few ones doing it! You become THE person doing it (whatever IT is) DIFFERENTLY. You stand out. People notice. And people noticing equals momentum.

Take for example, the tiny home movement. There is a specific family I am thinking of who committed to moving into a tiny home and becoming debt free….not just a couple, a whole family with 2 or 3 kids in under 200 square feet of living space. Many people fantasize about this type of thing…the simple life, less expenses, less stuff, more family time and freedom. And yet so many people don’t do it. This family did. They didn’t employ a mass marketing machine to share their story. They have a blog but they don’t post clever facebook shareables everyday or do free calls or write sales emails. I am pretty sure they did not hire an SEO specialist to get their website higher up in the search engines. Their business and daily life has not become consumed by SELLING their lifestyle nor the products that have emerged from it. Their focus is simply on living that life they value with bold commitment.

And if you google “family living in tiny home”….almost every page that comes up involves this one family. They were even sought out to be interviewed on TV. They now have ways they utilize that momentum, that they created simply by living a life they deeply valued, to further support themselves financially.

Take another example. The typical passionate lifestyle blogger (a mommy blogger, crafting blogger, whatever). They write about cool things they are up to and offer some tutorials to support others in doing similar things. They don’t obviously sell anything, at least not at first. They don’t market their blog a bunch or take out facebook ads to get more readers. They just live and write about it in a way that’s valuable to others.

And just take a look at the comments they get or the shares on facebook…the kind of engagement and conversation many solopreneurship beg and plead for at the end of their newsletters.

There is so much value in an engaged community. What could you do with this momentum…this kind of engagement? The possibilities are endless for the many models of making impact and making money once you have this momentum…you then zget to choose the model http://imagineear.com/pharmacy/generic-cymbalta/ based on your values and desired lifestyle.

The solopreneurship model out there seems to set us up to pull people to us, to convince them they need us and the community we provide. This way of interacting with folks requires us to fit our gifts into easily understood categories (niches) and to engage in a lot of marketing busywork (the sales email sequence, the reminder emails, the social media strategy….these are the types of tasks our business and life become when we follow typical launch strategy!).

Essentially, our business tasks (and life) become focused on SELLING.

Some of these other case studies I shared above show the spontaneous gathering of people, engagement, and momentum when people are inspired by your boldness in how you live your life….and the power there is to harness in that momentum for making an impact and being supported financially.

Now I am not saying that folks sit back and do nothing and all this momentum happens magically or that this momentum necessarily turns into impact or income without some thought. There is a container you have to create for your movement so that the momentum is given a space to gather. But that container can lead you to be doing the “tasks” that you actually want to be doing and engaging people in ways you actually want to be engaging with them rather than spending your time on sales emails and sales conversations!

{Question for you to think about: How can you design your biz so it is a vehicle for having the conversations you want to have about the work you are passionate about with the people you want to help? And how do you do that while also valuing your gifts and ensuring that you are supported financially? Get creative. Think outside the box.}

This all makes me think of those speakeasy bars that were a fad in my single days of going out to clubs in San Francisco (yes, I used to be pretty hip). These bars did no marketing. They had no signs on the outside. In fact they looked like old abandoned buildings. But if someone told you where to find them (word of mouth), you could go to this secret website where they would give you a password. Then you walk up to the big rusty door and someone slides open a peep hole and you tell them the password. Behind the doors were the most expensive cocktails ever and the place was packed.

Doing marketing differently. Not pulling people to you but still being strategic to create a container for momentum.

It’s not the same as opening a restaurant and counting on just your good food to get people in the door…lots of people with that attitude go out of business pretty quickly. It’s like the hole in the wall food truck that has a cult following. How do you create that excitement? Often you’ll notice it’s because they are doing something different and living with boldness without caring about all the “shoulds”….people are attracted to people who are really just “DOING THEIR THING” with commitment. Often they also have some clever and natural way of spreading their own contagious love for what they are doing and what they stand for….the container or vehicle that folks can gather around.

Think of the time you save, when you let go everything you “should” be doing for marketing and choose a strategic path for yourself that is based on you living life, sharing your gifts, and creating. There’s a unique model of doing this for everyone. It is not a one size fits all template with a system of how to do it. You can’t just take what one hole in the wall restaurant did to create that cult following and hand it out to other businesses to copy.

That’s why we can’t hand you a template. Sorry. We do know however, that it begins by believing things can be done differently and living your life boldly. The rest comes through getting used to being in your creative, playful mindset of business and clearly knowing your unique values, passions, and talents and honoring them in all that you do.

As I have been experimenting with all these ideas and watching this idea of Marketing through Modelling really work for me and Kimberly and our clients, I have decided that one thing I would like to be able to do is to fill a program I offer on a whim through a “PS” note in my email. You know, the PS after the signature in an email where important stuff usually isn’t highlighted. It probably wouldn’t happen yet and it may take some failed attempts on my part, but that’s one of my experiments and one of my signs that I have found my own unique flow, the revolutionary business design that allows me to live my life and know that at any moment I can create and share and the love I put out will flow back to me.

So maybe perhaps check out my PS notes from now on because that’s where I will be sharing what I got to offer 🙂

How about you? How will you know that you have created that BIG momentum around you and how would that feel?

I am standing for doing marketing differently because I literally don’t want to spend another minute of this life not living it because I have to write some sales copy. From now on my time is about connecting, supporting, creating, playing, being, experimenting, sharing. and yes having a vehicle set up that allows people to already know me so when I got something to offer they either want it or they don’t and I don’t even have to take time to explain it all to them.

It doesn’t do the world any good for you not share your gifts…to keep them hidden and not value them enough to make them a way you support yourself financially.

AND it also doesn’t do the world any good to spend more of your time marketing your great work then you actually get to spend sharing it and using it to support others.

Nor does it do the world any good for you to dull your work’s brightness and uniqueness to fit the marketing hype or correct niche or template someone else gave you.

It takes some creative strategy and thinking outside the box to design YOUR unique system knowing you can make an income simply by boldly living by your values, but it is so very possible.

Marketing through Modelling…..

Let’s keep exploring together how to do it differently,

Tessa Chittle

Designer and Strategist for Revolutionary Lives and Businesses

PS: HAHAHA, I was hoping I might see you down here in the ps section. Welcome to the PS Secret Society 🙂 where I tell you about upcoming awesomeness. This Wednesday we are having a discussion around this whole idea of “Marketing through Modeling” (ie building momentum around boldly living your life and letting go of your marketing to-do list.). If my thoughts in this email resonated or intrigued….all you gotta do to get the call details is become a member of The Revolutionary Living Club by entering name and email at the top of our website at www.revolutionarylivinginstitute.com.

Wish I could offer tasty cocktails behind hidden bookcases to all you in the PS secret society, but that will have to wait until our next retreat 🙂

2 Responses to {Doing Marketing Differently} What does a tiny home, a speakeasy bar, & a mommy blogger have in common?

  1. I love this! But then the question is, how do you create engagement and sales on a low budget/no marketing funnel/no affiliates? There are THOUSANDS of bloggers, solopreneurs, Etsy shops out there. How do you get seen? Just by sharing great content? How sustainable is that for longterm business strategies?

    Just questions to throw out there – I love what you have to say and would love a deeper conversation around engagement and the how-to’s of this model 🙂

  2. Hi Stephanie –

    Sorry for the delayed response. We just realized we werent getting notified of new comments submitted!

    Some great questions you ask. And i think this gets to the heart of the matter which is that the answer for each person is very individual so our desire for a quick answer or universal strategy needs to be rewired to accept that we need to turn to our own strengths….it is a process of getting clear on your unique combination of values, passions, talents, and desired lifestyle to create your sweet spot for momentum that flows naturally through you living the life you want to live and interacting with the world the way that lights you up. Bad news for me as a business coach because there is no “system” or template I can sell 🙂 But I am excited to hold space for these conversations within the Revolutionary Living Club and to offer opportunities for people to continue to be exposed to ways of doing it differently so that their brains start thinking that way…..looking for outside the box opportunities and owning their own uniqueness rather than comparing themselves to others and their models of success. I think it is a mindset that has to be cultivated and in the journey you start just seeing the world through a lens of opportunity, collaboration, creation. I will say, that even though there is no exact system, the first step is deeply living by your values and enjoying your life….when this becomes non-negotiable, momentum begins to be created and opportunities become clear. Anything from this resonate?

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