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Doing things alone and rising above others is the old paradigm. The new paradigm is collaboration, power in numbers, and boldly playing in the world together.

Meet the members of this movement who are giving you permission to live your dreams through telling their own stories.

Your fellow Revolutionaries are up to BIG BOLD things in the world…and they are waiting for you to join them!




  • Kristin Kissell

    "I finally feel like I'm owning my power, all that I have to offer and that I can speak the truth that is in my heart."


    ~ Kristin Kissell

    Radiant Heart Coaching

  • Jill Aiman

    "Tessa and Kimberly's passion for their work shines through their every action. They are powerful facilitators, having explored this work deeply themselves; they are willing to step to the forefront to offer help and encouragement to their participants."


    Jill Aiman

    The Feel Good Business

  • Cherie Paschal

    "It was awesome having the time & support to share & collaborate on my program. Having the safe and playful space to be vulnerable was huge! I was able to experiment with things that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried."


    Cherie Paschal

    New Vitality Health Coaching

  • Jamie Wagener

    "I have made more personal and professional connections in this community than any other and for that, I am so thankful. It is so inspiring to be surrounded by other revolutionary women saying yes to their desires and creating the life of their dreams!!! Thank you Tessa, Kimberly and the entire Revolutionary bunch!"


    Jamie Wagener

    The Blissful Kitchen

  • Michele Law

    "I became part of this amazing family of creative, phenomenal women."


    Michelle Law

    Positively Authentic Wellness

Revolutionary Stories

Become a Revolutionary Leader

Lead the Movement

Here at RLI we are all about outside-the-box collaborative business experiments that highlight and spread the work of our fellow Revolutionaries.

Our vision is to create a platform and a "stage" for Revolutionaries to GET VISIBLE so their work can BE SEEN in the world and they can MAKE THE IMPACT we know their gift can make in people's lives.

We invite folks from the Revolutionary Living Club who are really modelling our tagline of "Doing Life and Business Differently" to join our Revolutionary Leaders Program and lead this collaborative effort to create this "stage" for the work of the Revolutionaries in our tribe. Within this leadership group, we create opportunities for all our Leaders, as well as our community members, to create the opportunities for visibility (speaking, writing, facilitating, etc) that will catapult them into the world and ignite momentum around their vision.

To learn more, please contact us!

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