Claudia Miro

Claudia Miro

Online Brand Strategist + Revolutionary Web Designer


Who are you?

I’m a Peruvian-born and California-raised entrepreneur, and curious, truth-seeking soul. I’m a creative, a visionary, a teacher, a “connector”, a sister, a yogi, a wino, and a techy, tinkering, self-taught fire starter.

Who do you support?…What’s YOUR BIG Gift you are sharing with the world (business, programs, movement, message)

I support fellow revolutionaries in getting their big gifts and offers onto the web and into the world. I mostly work with fellow entrepreneurs, coaches & consultants, non-profits, creatives; other passionate souls with big ideas, lots of inspiration, and a deep desire to make a positive impact. My clients want to create a custom, authentic, engaging, and meaningful online presence.

For the past 6 years, I’ve been the boss at C. Miro Consulting, a marketing communications agency specializing in branding and web design. I’m currently in the process of evolving, rebranding and relaunching as The Inspired Brand; which will create the space for me to offer more coaching and training programs to help and inspire more people.

My big gift is my ability to see the big picture, and design custom solutions that are beautiful, functional, thoughtful, and strategic. I can also relate; I am a big idea, creative entrepreneur, so I know first hand the challenges and opportunities that my clients face. I am also doing my own work; I believe we all have a unique gift that only we can put into the world – I am constantly working on getting more and more clear about my own gifts, and I help my clients do the same. I have an insatiable curiosity to figure things out, which has allowed me to pick up more than a few techcnical tricks over the years. All of these combined have made me a great resource for clients who need a trusted guide as they embark on launching their big business and brand out into the world.

What is YOUR version of Revolutionary living and how are you living it? How does it feel to be living it?

I’ve been my own boss for most of my adult life. I make my own schedule and I set my own priorities for how I want to live my life. I’ve traveled and lived abroad, and have the freedom to do so again whenever I choose. It feels pretty freakin’ awesome 🙂

What’s your BIG dream/vision?

My big dream/vision is that I create a wildly successful and multifaceted business whose core mission is to support good people doing good things in the world. I dream of being financially independent, and have the time and lifestyle that allows me to travel the world, maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and be inspired everyday by what I’m creating.

Any big milestones/accomplishments you have recently had that lets you know that you are on your way to your dream/vision!

Several, my coworking space is starting to flourish, new projects and clients are popping up left and right, and I was recently asked to be interviewed for a small documentary called “Ladies of the Valley”, based on a handful of women making big things happen here in my small town.

What role has/is The Revolutionary Living Community (and coaches) playing in you designing and manifesting your revolutionary life and business, and FEELING the way you want to feel?

RLI and the Life Reset program came into my life at an incredibly serendipitous time. I am so deeply connected to and inspired by the values of “Revolutionary Living”, and instantly knew this is where I belonged. I have made such deep and meaningful connections with many of the community members, and this tribe is an invaluable gift in my life and business.

Any tips you have for people who want to LIVE their Revolutionary life and business?

  • Your life is yours. It can look anyway you want it to, so before you do anything, spend as much time as you need figuring out what YOU want. Oh…and you can’t do this alone – so find your tribe and be open to all that is possible with community.

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