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Claudia Miro
Online Brand Strategist + Revolutionary Web Designer   Who are you? I'm a Peruvian-born and California-raised entrepreneur, and curious, truth-seeking soul. I'm a creative, a visionary, a teacher, a "connector", a sister, a yogi, a wino, and a techy, tinkering, self-taught fire starter. Who do you support?...What's YOUR BIG Gift you are sharing with the world (business, programs, movement, message) I sup» Read Post
Jess Brown
Adventure Health Coach   Who are you? I seek to create adventure and to help women through the healing powers of nature. Exploreer. Visionary. Adventure Health Coach. My name is Jess Brown. Who do you support?...What's YOUR BIG Gift you are sharing with the world (business, programs, movement, message) I started out with an idea of a big life and it has turned into something tangible. Wilderwomen» Read Post
Jamie Wagener
The Blissful Kitchen Who are you? I am Jamie, a wild woman lead by an innate curiosity for all that life has to offer; a lover of delicious food, meeting new people and traveling this amazing and vast world. Who do you support?.....What's YOUR BIG Gift you are sharing with the world (business, programs, movement, message) I support women who are ready to live» Read Post
Leslie Raznick
L.Ac, CHHC Licensed Acupuncturist Certified Holistic Health Coach Who are you? My name is Leslie Raznick and I am a wise woman offering self-discovery and pain relief. I am irrevocably drawn to that which brings me joy and love to help others walk that path too. My tools are massage, acupuncture, health coaching and my own constant growth, unfolding each day. Who do you support? Pain is always a call for » Read Post
Lisa Turpin
CHHC AADP Journey To Your Core I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, wife and mother of two children. I decided to become a health coach to fulfill my passion of working with people who struggle with stress, low energy, weight issues, digestive problems, unhealthy eating habits and everyday distractions. After suffering years of post-partum depression and working on my own journey. I searched for ans» Read Post
Barbara Rose
Energetic Spiritual Coach/Guide   Who are you? I am able to establish a purposeful energetic connection, through my words, and directed intention that sets the stage for a powerful energetic experience and shifts you into another level of self evolution. Just one spiritually focused session can be life transforming and life affirming; while many sessions can provide permanent self healing as you become authent» Read Post
Katie Gordon
Gatherer of Bones +Crafter of Potions at Wild Grace   Who are you? I’m an artist, writer, witch, reader of bones, and daughter of the moon working with plant and animal energies, teaching people how to connect with their wild soul and listen to the messages of their dreambody. Who do you support?.....What's YOUR BIG Gift you are sharing with the world (business, programs, movement, message) I craft medicine, w» Read Post
Stephanie Jiroch
Founder of Flirt With Life: Women’s Coach + Circle Facilitator RYT200   Who are you? I specialize in guiding and empowering women through the healing power of ritual, ceremony and exploration of their sexual energy. I use a vast variety of skills, including my intuitive talents, to facilitate women’s circles in sex + sexuality and lead Sacred Pregnancy + Birth mini-retreats worldwide. Who do you» Read Post



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