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We would like to publish your writing….
  Hey you, I see you just as you are right now and think it's about time the world see you too. I know, I know, your website isn't updated or maybe it is non existent. You think you have 10lbs to lose. You don't quite know what your niche is or what gifts you have to offer. Or maybe you do but you think you have to do something, or be somebody, or have some lifestyle before you start actually sharing them....otherwise, who would car» Read Post
Writing a Manifesto Will Create The Momentum You are Seeking….
Registration has begun! You can register for The Manifesto Retreat now to grab the early registration bonuses..... and get the largest selection of accommodation options at our beautiful retreat location....we expect our budget accommodations to sell out fast! For those of you who are a little unsure about why everyone is so excited about writing their manifesto, I have put together.... 5 Reasons Why Writing a Manifesto Will Create The Mo» Read Post
You don’t HAVE to do it.
      The last few days have been rough on me. We returned from our two week adventure visiting our family and attending wedding festivities in the SF bay area....a lot of firsts for little Aza and this new mama. It was a wonderful trip that reminded me what an adaptable, easy going little girl we have and gave me confidence in doing future adventures! However, on our way home she began to sniffle and by the firs» Read Post
Don’t quit before you get to the good stuff.
Huffing and puffing had been my last hour and half as I cycled for 10 miles straight up hill on gravel roads on a mountain bike. Let me just add I had not been on a mountain bike since 2008 until last week. Also I live in a 'hilly' city in which I bike commute regularly but summiting mountains on a mountain bike is something I had never done until last week. After 10 miles of riding into the clouds I was hoping for a sign of a break when I turned» Read Post
5 Ways To Stop Your Thoughts From Controlling You
Here is a peak into my head this week: “I just want to quit everything.” “What if I just run away, move away or buy a one way ticket somewhere?” “I am so lost.” “I am an awful business owner, business partner, and coach.” “My business partner is going to pull out of the business when she finds out what a fraud I am.” “My clients are going to fire me when they find out what a fraud I am.” “I am so lone» Read Post
10 Actions to Take When Things Feel Impossible…
It's been awhile since I have felt completely overwhelmed or said "I just can't do this".... When I first started my business I felt this way all the time. Each step felt impossible. My dream felt impossible. Writing a blog felt impossible. Finding clients felt impossible. Launching a program felt impossible. I would look at other coaches and entrepreneurs and wonder how the hell they did it! But now that I have been at this coaching and bu» Read Post
What in the hell is “Revolutionary Living”?
Revolutionary Living: according to the Revolutionary Living Institute,  is a way of living that sets your heart on fire. It is actively going after the life, business, relationships, and health of your dreams. Living each moment of your life present and fully alive. I have no intention of sounding conceited because living my Revolutionary Life and not getting swept up by societal norms about what my life should look like is definitely a pr» Read Post
{Guest Blog} Tap Your Soul & Find Success as an Indie Artist – 5 Steps
Today we have a guest blog post for ya! We are excited to periodically feature blogs by entrepreneurs who are following their dreams especially when they have some great lessons or info to offer our Revolutionary Living Community! Telling our stories is how all our dreams rise into reality together! If YOU have a story of pursuing YOUR BIG DREAM or some content that you think would catapult The Revolutionary Living Community forward in c» Read Post
{9 Pain Freedom Practices} When Pain Holds You Back From Your Revolutionary Life…
Today I want to talk about pain. The deep recurring debilitating kind of pain. I am talking specifically about my experience with physical pain but everything I write below applies to profound emotional pain as well. I have waited two years to tell you this story. At first I wanted to wait to tell it because I thought I was going to cure myself and I think subconsciously I had this idea that my blog would be better if I could show how I » Read Post
How to Make An Income While Living Life Like You Are on Vacation!
My feet lounging on our campground beach, Lopez Island... A few weeks ago my husband and I took a 4 day camping trip to the San Juan Islands for our "Baby-Moon". It was amazingly beautiful, inspiring, and fun! (see photos!). When it came to the end of the trip I made the observation out loud to my husband that I remember how when I used to work a 9-5 job with only 2 weeks of vacation a year, I used to feel so sad when vacations were over » Read Post



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