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  Hey you, I see you just as you are right now and think it's about time the world see you too. I know, I know, your website isn't updated or maybe it is non existent. You think you have 10lbs to lose. You don't quite know what your niche is or what gifts you have to offer. Or maybe you do but you think you have to do something, or be somebody, or have some lifestyle before you start actually sharing them....otherwise, who would car» Read Post
{Doing Marketing Differently} What does a tiny home, a speakeasy bar, & a mommy blogger have in common?
I have no desire to push....ever again. No this is not a birth story, at least not a birth of a baby. It's about business. And how there is this great new field of coaching and solopreneurship that is opening possibility for so many moms, and artists, and adventurers and people who just don't want to work for bosses anymore. But as this new field takes off in the world, promising freedom and passion and creativity and alignment, it is sa» Read Post
Writing a Manifesto Will Create The Momentum You are Seeking….
Registration has begun! You can register for The Manifesto Retreat now to grab the early registration bonuses..... and get the largest selection of accommodation options at our beautiful retreat location....we expect our budget accommodations to sell out fast! For those of you who are a little unsure about why everyone is so excited about writing their manifesto, I have put together.... 5 Reasons Why Writing a Manifesto Will Create The Mo» Read Post
Fuck Niches & Titles & Target Markets
We are just too excited to contain ourselves so we are offering you a sneak peek at our new Fall Program + Retreat... The Manifesto And because we love all you Revolutionaries, we are also offering you an invitation to email us by this Friday to get on the pre-sale list! Once on this list, you will be given the opportunity to register for The Manifesto Program two days before we open registration to the public....a chance to grab our best » Read Post
What Has Drastically Helped Me Get What I Want and Improved My Business
Yesterday I jumped on my bike after seeing clients at a local café and I was in a slight dilemma, my client session lasted longer than I expected (I am sure this never happens to you...) and I had a small amount of time to get to my next appointment. In a car this wouldn't have been an issue because I could have gotten to where I was going in about 5 minutes but by bike I knew it would take anywhere from 15-25 minutes. I had only seconds to » Read Post
How To ACTUALLY Get Clients { for any professional in any field }
  The path to believing in your work and making money doing what you love, are passionate about, and that you truly value is one so brilliantly profound that deep, unshakable happiness becomes non-negotiable and inevitable.  { The Revolutionary Living Institute } Be authentic. Say what you really want to say. Don’t simply parrot the things that others say will get you clients. Speak YOUR truth. Be honest about what you ar» Read Post
How to NOT “waste time” on Facebook…
As a new mommy I have had very little time for marketing my business. My complete focus of any free time is going toward fully supporting my current clients in our coaching calls and between calls on our online coaching platform. Beyond coaching, writing blogs, doing a few meetings to discuss our new website (launching in the next few weeks) with our website designer and a brainstorming virtual retreat I just did with my business partner; there h» Read Post
How To Make Videos For Your Business
This is how you make a video for your business... Just do it! Yes. How to make a video for your business. Is to just do it. Of course there are action steps that will help you when making a video: Grab your video camera. I use my Iphone or Ipad. Put an hour a week into your calendar to make videos. Keep a small journal with you to jot down video ideas when they pop up. Make your videos simple, short, and sweet. I» Read Post
5 Game Changing Truths About Fear
First, we are super stocked about our Techies and Creatives Q and A jam session this week! Do you have questions about the technical or creative side of your business? If so you do not want to miss this FREE call. We are bringing together our favorite techie and creative guru's to answer your questions and help you in the next steps of building your dream business! Techies and Creatives Meet and Greet Tuesday February 11th 5:30pm PST (8:3» Read Post
Please know that in no way are we suggesting that we are marketing guru's but what we are suggesting is that we have done lots of marketing experiments in the last 4 years between Tessa and I and we have learned so much. So instead of making you reinvent the wheel we would like to instead offer you some wisdom from our mistakes. These are the top 5 mistakes we have made: 1. Spending lots of money on a business marketing program and believing i» Read Post



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