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Tessa Chittle

I am a Revolutionary Living & Business Strategist, Speaker, and thought leader on a mission to support folks in making a living through living their dream life. Through The Revolutionary Living Institute’s movement of bold Revolutionaries we are redefining living, parenting, coaching, happiness and business.




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There I was. After a long journey across the state of Washington, a long day of unpacking the 20 foot Uhaul truck, and a week of organizing our space,  it was finally starting to sink in that this was my new life at least for the next 4 years while I attended naturopathic doctor school at Bastyr University near Seattle.

My morning began (after a restless night of big city sounds and lights streaming in from the 24 hour factory across the street) with the usual first sounds of the garbage truck at 7 am that picks up the cans of trash directly outside our window 7 days a week. The recycling truck would be next. Then the loud piercing sing-song announcing the catering truck to feed the factory workers.

I looked around at the studio with less than 500 square ft. Yes I had made the most of it….used the move to scale back our possessions and embody our minimalist values, and come up with an ingenious design for a bed that slid under my platform “office and walk-in closet” where I would spend those all-nighters studying human anatomy. (Read about how Cleansing My Physical Possessions was part of my journey to my revolutionary life here.)

The dog, who was a little crazy from the move and now the tight quarters of sharing a studio apartment with his owners, began whining to be let out which meant dressing and walking down a flight of stairs every time he had to pee. On my way back up I filled a styrofoam cup with the free coffee from the fake espresso maker in the lobby of our apartment building and poured in a little plastic cup of creamer…a brief thought about how far from my ideal this morning ritual was…the styrofoam cup ridiculing my environmental consciousness and the fake coffee and fake creamer taunting my health coach values of “real food” over shelf stable items from the corporate food system. But hey, a medical student living on loans can’t afford to be picky….living by my values would have to wait.

And with that depressing thought my hand darted out to grab a pastry along with my fake coffee…“I’ll need it to make it through my studying”….and so began the day of guilt that would lead to me NOT going to the gym just to spite myself and leave me to my body misery that had just begun to rear its ugly head again after a year of being a food freedom coach.

Back at the apartment, I sat down to my task of studying physics, my last prerequisite class after 4 years of preparing to go to naturopathic school while also running a holistic health coaching practice supporting folks with healthy eating, exercise and (most importantly to my own story) breaking free from emotional eating and body hatred. (Read about how I used my my food cravings as a compass to create the life I wanted and found freedom from food here.)

I have always been at the top of any academic setting, earning honors at all the best schools including an A+ in my high school physics class. Being the best, succeeding, striving were part of my identity but all the mindfulness and self exploration work I had done in the past few years were starting to cause conflict with this part of me from the past ….my soul was asking me to slow down, be present, live now. The revolution that began brewing during the rock bottom depression I experienced after my dad’s death, which had made me explore what life really was about, was aching to be released. (Read more about how I went from craziness expert to happiness expert here and how my dad influenced me to be a Revolutionary here.)

So I stared at the physics problem with dread and struggle. Who cares how far a ball will fly if shot from a projectile launcher? As a 30 year old woman running her own business, I could think of a million things that would be a more meaningful and worthwhile use of my time than doing 10 problems on this topic.

But this is what you have always wanted…

You have already invested so much time and money in this process…

People are expecting you to do it now…

You just have to get through this one more class…and four more years….and then you can live how you really want to….

Your husband is writing his dissertation anyway, and then will be doing his internship 40 hours a week so you can’t live where we want and live the way you want anyway….so suck it UP!

My husband was struggling too. After 4 years of schooling and counseling, he still had so many hoops to jump through to get three letters after his name: PhD. The research wasn’t what he wanted to do and the faculty he worked with were far less than inspiring. We were quickly realizing that even though he had a Masters, 4 years of a PhD program and thousands of hours of counseling experience, that was not enough to actually get PAID for a job within the counseling education track so he was still doing all his counseling hours for free.

He had the same thoughts as me…

But this is what you have always wanted…

You have already invested so much time and money in this process…

People are expecting you to do it now…

You just have to get through this next year of dissertation and counseling for free and then 1 more year maybe two of internship.….and then you can live how you really want to….

To escape our reality we would have conversations about our dreams of “someday”...

….land where we could have a retreat center, make a big impact in the world through Revolutionary coaching and counseling, and live a lifestyle of homesteading according to our values….

….a life where we got to spend time to together and choose each day what we wanted to do.

We wanted chickens, and maybe a goat, and a flower garden and a veggie garden. We wanted to collect antiques and together re-purpose them to beautify our property and maybe even rent them out for shabby chic weddings and other events. We wanted community camp outs, farm dinners, and collaborations with other Revolutionary leaders of mindfulness, homesteading, creativity, farming, coaching, business, etc.

But that would all have to wait…until we made enough money, finished the steps of our “pathway”, met the expectations we had put on ourselves, finished what we had started, worked hard to earn the life we wanted.

If the struggle and procrastination I felt studying physics wasn’t enough of a message….

And the binge eating and body battles that were back with a vengeance…..

And the chronic pain I started experiencing about a year ago…

Now as I sat there studying physics, unbearable nausea started washing over me….

And this time instead of hating my body for holding my back, I had a thought that maybe it was seriously rejecting my choices. The conflict between the old me and the old dreams and the old expectations waged war with the new me that kept bubbling up with a possibility of REAL sustaining happiness within myself if I would only just allow myself to align with what I really wanted.

The morning I was supposed to take my first physics test…the ultimate message rang loud and clear. I woke up puking so much I was unable to take the exam. My body is pretty ingenious. She was so sure i was not on a path aligned with my values that it had made me {SURPRISE!} pregnant.

A comical story now but in the moment my husband and I looked at eachother over the “yes you’re pregnant” pee stick, the tiny studio, the full time job and school, with no income and panicked ever so slightly. Even as highly educated, successful people we were realizing the old american dream of getting the life you want if you work hard just wasn’t a reality in our society anymore…..we saw a crazy busy life of long work hours, never having dinner as a family, no time for vacation, financial stress, and just barely making it through the day….ahead of us. This seemed to be the NORM for parenting these days.

To be honest I cried that day. For a moment I saw all my dreams flying out the window, all I had worked for, the person that I thought I was. AND then I realized that deep inside there was a flutter of excitement because as those old dreams flew out the window, so did the restrictions on who I was and what my path might be. I felt free to actually create the life I wanted NOW.

So after a few of those stay-up-all-night-talking conversations, my husband and I gave ourselves permission.

To live NOW rather than waiting for someday.

To choose our path based on who we are NOW not who we had been or who people thought we should be.

To think WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX on how we can design our life around our values now without having to take all those steps we always thought we had to first.

We decided to give up the PhD and the medical school and amongst severe morning sickness, I scoured the real estate websites for a property that we could afford. Even with all the fear and all the doubts about changing course, when we walked onto our 6 acre sanctuary in Gig Harbor Wa, we both looked at each other and knew it would all work out.  We could feel that the universe was on our side now that we were in alignment with what we really wanted. We saw our baby picking snap peas from our garden, helping mom make pies from the apple orchard, eating dinners on our deck, collecting treasures from the nearby beach, feeding the chickens, picking wildflowers in the meadow, and playing pretend games in the magic forest. We knew that with the low expenses of living here 1 hour from Seattle, we could live a life we couldn’t afford (at least not yet) in Seattle or our hometown of SF bay area. We didn’t have to be stuck in the hamster wheel of modern parenting where you work all day just to support the lifestyle you never get to live or the children you never get to see.

This is where we could live SLOWLY. Have time for spontaneous adventures, trying out new hobbies and passions, traveling to visit family or live costa rica if we so choose.

This is where, we could consciously choose in each moment how we want to feel and what would allow us to feel in alignment with our values.

This is where we could make a living through living the life we really want….

Because as much as one of my true callings is to be a mom, I have other callings too.

Little flutters in my heart that must get out.

I have something epic to say to the world.

I have talents that can make an impact.

SO I need a vehicle through which to do this, to say this, to share this….. in a way that is effective.

By EFFECTIVE I mean that when I speak, the world reacts. I create and people show up.

I can’t be wasting precious mommy energy on busy work and sending blogs into an empty internet wasteland.

My work is not meant to be an expensive hobby, a housewife’s indulgence, or a stressful distraction from the life I want to be living or the moments I deeply value being there for.

My business is a vehicle to live the life I want to be living, make the impact I want to be making, support my family, and feel the way I want to be feeling doing it!

This is what I call my LIFE-BASED BUSINESS and it has been essential to MY Revolutionary Life.

6 months after the little pee stick said “yes, a baby is a brewing!” we moved from Seattle to our new home in Gig Harbor. Since then we have been remodelling our home piece by piece, learning to take care of our land, orchard, chickens and planning for the future of organic gardens, wildflower meadows, tiny homes for bed and breakfast glamping, farm dinners, campouts, Revolutionary retreats, and an amazing family and community gathering place. Our vision is to collaborate with and support other Revolutionaries so they can create thier revolutionary life whatever that may be…..we want to partner with farmers to keep our garden going, coaches to lead our retreats, chefs and homesteaders to teach classes, gurus to lead meditations, adventurer leaders to take people out to explore the pacific northwest, and anyone else who has an idea and needs some support, and maybe some land, to do it!

We have a lot of work ahead of us to bring this full vision into reality and when we made the leap to take action towards this vision we had no idea how to make it all happen. But as soon as we got aligned, everything we needed fell into place. Not only did we find 6 acres of beautiful land that we could afford, but Ian got a job close by working 2 days a week counseling with tons of flexibility to be home with our new baby. My business took off and people started contacting me to speak, and write, and work with me. And my heart felt so free that I knew that this is exactly what I want to be doing to make the world better for my little bubbaloo.

This is what I call the REVOLUTIONARY RUSH….flow, creation, action with ease, and universe cooperation.

The other amazing thing is that when I got into alignment, the old struggles with food, body, and exercise disappeared. The procrastination, the guilt for not following through on my actions, the self doubt, the judgement, the periodic depression gone. I realized that any moment we feel struggle is a moment to check in with our alignment. Our struggle is our compass guiding us towards the life that feels fully aligned and where we can be fully expressed.

Today I woke up with my hubby and little Aza to the sounds of birds twittering about in the morning dew. We are now sitting at our kitchen table looking out at our apple orchard and the birds gathering around our bird feeder. My husband is brewing coffee he roasted himself last night which is a new passion he is exploring, and cooking up some eggs from our chickens with some herbs from our garden. It’s a thursday so I look at my calendar to see which amazing clients I get to have inspiring conversations with after our family breakfast. Ian doesn;t work today so our afternoon is free to explore the beach near our house and go into town for a swim at our gym and a walk along the harbor.

Now this is MY ideal morning. In full alignment with my values.

Yes we have lots of work to do to get our land cultivated and our retreat center up and running, AND yet right NOW, not later, my life and business feels aligned with who I am, the impact I want to make, the life I want to live, and how I want to feel.

Happiness doesn’t happen when we get everything we want or reach some milestone…it simply happens when we feel fully aligned and find a safe “home” within ourselves free of the deep judgement we put on ourselves for the desires we have and our failures at fulfilling expectations.

Many people think of having kids as the time to finally give up dreams, settle down, get practical, and sacrifice the life you really want to be living.

But as my husband and I talked about this little being we were bringing into the world, we realized that the last thing we wanted our baby to grow up seeing was us not living the life we wanted, being in a routine that made us busy and crazy, dreading the job we left her to go to everyday just so we can barely make ends me. We didn’t want to be in constant money stress or time stress.

Yes, people thought we were crazy when we decided Ian wouldn’t finish his PhD after already putting in 4 years in Pullman Wa and being so close to finishing.

Yes people thought we were crazy for breaking our lease, buying a house and moving after we just arrived in Seattle.

Yes people acted sad for me that I wouldn’t be able to go to naturopath school like I always dreamed and doubted my ability to really “make it” with my coaching business.

But isn’t this what being a Revolutionary is all about? Stepping outside the status quo and the beliefs and rules a society is operating under in order to create a new system that brings us more FREEDOM?

We wanted our daughter to see us living the life we want rather than just talking about it as a “someday”. So we opened up ALL possibilities, let go of the rules, and let our hearts lead us into BIG ACTION.

That’s my story. But this isn’t just about me.  It’s about us all…each creating OUR unique version of Revolutionary living based on our values.


I am on a mission to create something so much bigger than myself: A community in which we all find the resources to create OUR VERSION of our Revolutionary Lives and all our Revolutionary Businesses rise together.

You don’t have to want chickens to be a Revolutionary with me…you will design your unique Revolutionary Life and Business around YOUR unique values, passions and talents. My natural gifts as a coach are to see possibilities that might be in your blind spot, capitalize on your unique talents to design a business model that feels EASY for YOU, strategize with you on how to make possible into practical, get you out of overwhelm and into action, and give you the tools, resources, and connections that allow you to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I support women in designing a way to make a living through living the life they love, what we call a “Life-Based” Business:

… a life that feels meaningful, fun, connected, and inspired.

… a life where it all feels aligned with YOUR values and action flows with ease.

… a life with time, space, and freedom for what REALLY matters to YOU.

AND a life where you can feel financially secure, so that you can give your kids opportunity, pay your bills, and invest in your future visions.  This is where BIG dreams become not only POSSIBLE, but also PRACTICAL.

I support entrepreneurs in taking their business to the next level with the Happy Entrepreneur Mindset which means they never have to sacrifice their happiness, their values, or their free-time, AND they can make the income they want, share their gift, be seen in the world, and make a REAL IMPACT.

Our Revolutionary methods will get you there with ease, whether you are a beginning entrepreneur trying to figure out what you want to offer the world and how the heck to do it, or you are an entrepreneur wanting to turn your “very expensive hobby” business into a steady-income business, or you are at the level of really want to go big and be seen in the world!

I support a movement and a community that takes a stand for happiness and a NEW AMERICAN DREAM built around Life-Based Businesses.

Every Revolutionary that enters this community automatically finds connections, collaborations, inspiration, and accountability from people with that bold mindset so they can really SHARE THEIR GIFT and feel amazing doing it! I am passionate about your gift getting out into the world and so are all the other revolutionaries in this movement!


It’s a business that is a vehicle for the journey you want to be on, for the values you want to be living, for the the way you want to feel.

Life-based businesses feel EASIER…because they are so aligned with the life you want to live that each task flows naturally without struggle, procrastination, or willpower.

Life-based business are more SUCCESSFUL & PROFITABLE…because they utilize our unique TALENTS and our AUTHENTICITY and PASSION  draws the masses to us.

My Big Manifesto

When we hit a certain age or become parents many of us feel we should “get real.” GET PRACTICAL. Give up frivolous dreams and focus on creating “The American Dream” of the house, the car, the retirement fund even if it means working a 9-5 job we hate.

Well, here is the news for our generation: The old “American Dream” that says you get the life you want by working hard no longer exists. {Read my “American Dream…Revolutionized” manifesto here.}

Life-Based Entrepreneurship is not just for 20 somethings who are soul searching and need a business they can do while they travel the world seeking their “true calling.”

It’s not just for single ladies who have the time to indulge their passions without needing to “get practical.”

It’s not just for trust-funders who always have Daddy’s big savings account to back up their “expensive hobby” of trying to start a business, or BUSINESS MEN WITH DEEP POCKETS.

Modern Life-Based Entrepreneurship is for practical folks who are freaking tired of the hamster wheel that is modern living and have had enough of work being about supporting a life that you actually never get to REALLY LIVE.

And its for families too…

Before I was a mom, I was drawn to the romance of passion-based entrepreneurship….I saw my mentors traveling to some new exotic place every month, taking yoga classes every day, and participating in retreats to make their own lives awesome.

When I was pregnant, I thought I was designing my business around the life I want to live to make it CONVENIENT for having a family. But I have found that having a Life-Based Business is not just a luxury or an convenience…it is a NECESSITY.

How else would you get it all done — the work AND the LIVING?  The income generating and the playtime?

Even with my husband’s years of schooling and credentials as a counselor, even with my prestigious academic record and success in the corporate world, it would be incredibly financially stressful to pay the bills with a new babe in our society. Not to mention I have no idea how we could manage the home and baby while trying to make ends meet.

And what about LIVING and LOVING…where’s the time for that?

This system of surviving rather than living that our society asks us to do as “adults” (especially as parents) is creating depression, dissatisfaction, chronic disease, divorce, and disconnected families.

It makes 80 year-olds that look back at their life and wonder if they ever did what really mattered to them.

Shift the paradigm. Start a Revolution.

What if the work is LIVING…..The LIVING is the work?

The income generating comes out of you playing with what you love?

This is a LIFE-BASED BUSINESS and it is a great platform for REVOLUTIONARY LIVING.


(included at all levels of business)

Ignite your Revolutionary RUSH  with the Happy Entrepreneur Mindset

This is the foundation of a Revolutionary business & life because it allows you to bust through the blocks that keep you stuck in procrastination and overwhelm which have been preventing you from taking action for days and weeks and even years. This personal transformation and mindset toolbox deeply shifts your experience of living and gets you into ACTION mode because you feel clear and aligned with your deepest values. You start living YOUR Revolutionary Life! From here creating your revolutionary business, getting clients, and taking action flows with ease rather than struggle. You tap into the REVOLUTIONARY RUSH….flow, creation, action with ease!  No matter what level of business success you have had, we will incorporate this mindset work into our coaching so that you can FEEL the way you want to feel in your life and business!

Level 1 – Share Your Gift with the World:

We will first get clear on what unique gift you have to offer the world and in what format to offer it in order to best support YOUR desired lifestyle. I will walk you through all the details around creation, technology, launching, and marketing a program based on YOUR talents, values, and passions.  We take you from start to finish and get-it-done!  This is where you get the secrets of someone who has done it before so you can avoid wasting time and money, and get your gift out there now. You will gain the toolbox to get anything you want out into the world with ease and confidence, and you will begin using our Authentic Marketing tactics to begin building the community who wants whatever you have to offer!

Level 2 – Create the 5 Figure and Free Lifestyle:

At this level we take your current business and go into deep strategy sessions around how to expand and refine your business model to fit the lifestyle you want to live while having a steady stream of clients and income so you don’t have to worry where your next client is coming from or if you can pay your bills.  We will also really work on building your community so you have an eager audience awaiting your programs and you get to feel connected and heard when you take action on your ideas. This isn’t just a hobby or pipe dream anymore……You deserve to be able to support yourself doing what you love!

Level 3 – Be Seen in The World:

This is where your business becomes a movement. If your vision includes a 6 figure income, speaking from the stage, writing articles or creating videos that get millions of views,  we are creating a program and a community right now to bring in all our resources and all the best experts who have made it to the BIG STAGE of business to guide you to find YOUR special sauce that gets you famous!

There are many formats in which to do this work…private phone coaching, virtual or in-person VIP Retreats, group virtual programs, in-person retreats, and automated programs. Grab one of my limited “Revolutionary Living & Business Strategy Sessions” below to talk about what will support YOU best!

Do Life Differently

I am a do-er

A big action, big leap type of person.

I see business opportunities everywhere I look.

I have ideas spinning through my mind of creative ways to make an impact and a living AND I actually make them happen...or pass them off to my clients who could do them better than me!

When you have a conversation with me, you will be lit up. You will leave with ideas and action steps and timelines. You will notice that all those little blocks that kept you from taking action disappear, procrastination fades and willpower is no longer needed to do what you want to do…all flows with ease.

It's ok if you don’t believe me...if you are intrigued, you can find out for yourself in a FREE Revolutionary Life & Business Strategy Session.

Could one conversation open up a world of possibility, ease, freedom, and deep happiness?

Let’s bust through your blocks.

Dream up some dreams.

Identify your talents and how to make a living by living your best life.

Design your next steps together.

I don’t do pitches or sales conversations. Simply brainstorms and breakthroughs.

Do LIFE Differently. Come talk with me.

I offer a FREE Revolutionary Life & Business Strategy Session to 4 lucky folks each month. To get on the waitlist for one of these limited spots fill out your name and email below and we will contact you with the details:

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and then I talked to Tessa.”


Revolutionaries who have
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"I was hesitant to sign up for another program since I had already invested in many others to move me forward in my career as a coach. However, I am so glad I did! In less than 1 month of coaching with Tessa I have more than quadrupled my initial investment in the program by signing my first several clients. The coaching work empowered my confidence and commitment and made signing up my clients smooth and easy! After two years of learning and receiving information but not fully implementing it, 1 month of coaching with Tessa catapulted me into action in a way that shifted my business forward without sacrificing my self care, joy, or happiness. Tessa is an "output" coach. She is a shift-your-mindset-change-your-life-in-one-conversation coach. She is a bold, out-of-the-box thinker who sees your strengths and helps you design a business and lifestyle around them. She gets you unstuck and into action, and holds you lovingly accountable to making your dreams non-negotiable. And she walks her talk of living by her own values, making happiness a priority, and creating a business that allows her to live her dream lifestyle. I recommend working with Tessa if you are really ready to get things done, go deep into creation/"output" mode, and see that your dream life can be created...with excitement AND ease!"

Leslie Raznick

"I'm certainly thankful for the past few months with you and all that I've accomplished. I'm excited about my Radiant Transformation program, new clients, continuing older clients, learning about new technologies and all that goes into a business, launching a program, etc. Most of all though, I've been thankful for the many insights I've had into myself, my thinking and my being. I realize more deeply every time I have an ah-hah that I must truly live by my values and passions. Self-care and self-love are not just some fluffy, unattainable words. Self-care and self-love are an absolute, non-negotiable part of me every single day. I will say that I definitely feel more in tune with myself than I ever have before and that I feel more love and confidence for myself. I finally feel like I'm owning my power, all that I have to offer and that I can speak the truth that is in my heart. "

Kristin Kissell

"Meeting Tessa was a total godsend for my business. Heck and for me personally. Until that point, The Blissful Kitchen, was just a ‘maybe, someday…’ sort of dream. Tessa made me realize it was a today dream that I could turn into a tomorrow reality. Even maybe more important was that in working with Tessa I realized that my life is only as big, or as small, as I choose to make it. She gave me confidence and direction to start acting on these dreams that, until that point, were merely floating around in my head. I am amazed at how organically my business is shaping up to be; it is exactly what I want it to be. It is fluid and a continuous reflection of my current state of being - I love it and cannot wait to see how it continues to transform. I am so thankful to Tessa for her truly, revolutionary, way of thinking and living. Not only has working with Tessa been transformational, the entire revolutionary community is AMAZING! I have made more personal and professional connections in this community than any other and for that, I am so thankful. It is so inspiring to be surrounded by other revolutionary women saying yes to their desires and creating the life of their dreams!!!"

Jamie Wagener

The Blissful Kitchen

"Working with Tessa was just what I needed as I prep for the arrival of my first baby while building my business. With her own recent experience as a new mama entrepreneur and outside the box ideas, she supported me in creating a business model that will allow me to have time to be with my baby and partner, and live by my values while following my passions and earning an income. The sessions were laser focused, providing me clarity and direction for where I want to take my work in the final stages of pregnancy and beyond. Tessa was instrumental in my ability to stay on task during our time together, which any pregnant woman or new mama can benefit from when there are just SO many things that need our attention. I can't recommend her enough as you add mother to your long list of accomplishments!"

Stephanie Jiroch

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