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Kimberly Johnson

I am a soul driven Life Coach, Writer, and Speaker. I express myself and am inspired by dance, playing music, adventure, and studying people and life. As a Life Coach I specialize in discovering and healing the access points of stress, anxiety, self-loathing, depression, relationship challenges, as well as patterns and habits that no longer serve my clients through the modalities of mindfulness, self-empowerment, self-expression, soul-remembering, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Being a coach for the last 6 years I have realized that there are no new issues or challenges in life. We, as humans, experience the same exact challenges and issues as every other human walking the planet. The difference is the flavor with which your challenge presents itself in your life which is based upon and created by your unique life experiences.

I work with people to discover their truest self, to discover what is real and what is not real and what is keeping them stuck in patterns that no longer serve them and the life they truly want to live.

We all have things we want to change in life, this is a human shared experience. There is nothing wrong with you. You are human. Yet we all need support and accountability to make the changes we so desire to change. This does not mean you are weak or a failure… it means you are human. Even I as a coach hire people to support me and hold me accountable.

My work is called Soul-Remembering. I call it this because it truly is just that Remembering Your Soul. Remembering what you are fucking here to do and be. Soul-Remembering is a process of becoming aware of, removing blocks, and remembering our truest nature. When we are born onto this planet we are born perfect, whole, and complete. As babies we have a knowing of our worth, our place and right to take up space, and our right to be here. We are born completely present and awake. Then this tricky thing happens as we get older. Our brains form and begin to make meaning of all of the stimulus of life. We go through things. We experience anxiety, stress, hard-ship, struggle, loss, and heartache just to name a few. These things begin to cover our essence. Like an onion, layer upon layer, our challenges and experiences in life begin to pile onto us. We no longer fully express ourselves for fear of rejection. We stop take risks for fear of failure. We don’t playing big because what if people see our shit and all of our real flaws. Our lives begin to be played out on auto-pilot. We do the same things over and over again and get the same shitty results that we always get. We get so deep in our rabbit hole that we literally don’t know how to get out, we don’t know where to even begin to start, and we are terrified to boot.

As humans, most of us, want the same things…

To be loved and to love. To be heard and seen and acknowledged. To feel empowered and alive in their bodies, lives, and work in the world. To know freedom. To know themselves. To make a difference. To have contentment.

When working with clients my first task is to create space for them to explore themselves. To begin removing the layers of the union that has them stuck, feeling stressed, anxiety, depression, lack or whatever their version is. As they begin to remove layer upon layer they begin to remember who they are, what they want, what they are doing here and that is where magic and creativity begin to take over. In removing and remembering something beautiful happens, a space begins to open up for my clients to add the things that make them feel alive and what they truly want for themselves and their lives. Their whole experience of life shifts. Their actions shift. Their patterns shift.

What people don’t realize is that stress, depression, anxiety, self-loathing, low self-esteem, and habits and patterns that you do over and over and over again that don’t serve you or your life are simple symptoms and cries of help from the body and mind for something deeper happening. They are not the issue. They are your body’s and soul’s way of screaming at you. Begging you to make a change. Begging you to dive deep into yourself. Begging you to wake up.

When we go on the journey to knowing ourselves and building relationship with ourselves our lives become more authentic and present. We begin listening to the call within us and moving from that call instead of autopilot. We stop questioning ourselves and what we are doing and move through life with ease and grace. We no longer define ourselves based on our outer circumstances. When we know ourselves our power comes from within not from without. We can make choices and decisions that we trust because we are connected with what is most true for ourselves. When we know ourselves we are fully expressed in the world and in each situation we find ourselves in. This allows us to attract the the right people for life, business, and in love. Knowing oneself and fully expressing oneself in the world is freedom. It is the one thing no one or no thing can strip from you. It is what it is to be alive.

I support humans who are ready to go on the journey of self knowledge and empowerment as a means to solve the mere symptoms (anxiety, depression, stress, relationship woes, self-loathing, or patterns and habits that rule your life and no longer serve you) that present themselves.

As we awaken to our truest selves and power we literally can do anything. We trust ourselves to take action on the things that are in alignment and call to our hearts. We trust our path and our journey. We trust that we have the answers within us and that we no longer have to look for happiness, joy, bliss, or answers from the unpredictable sources that live outside of ourselves.

We remember ourselves. 


Our truest selves.

Our truest nature.

Our truest desires, hopes, and dreams.


Let’s create a life from that place.



  • My Story
  • My Vision & Mission
  • What Working With Me Looks Like...

I was sitting in my friends basement apartment in Salt Lake City debating on backtracking a totally of 8 hours to go the desert and explore Arches National Park and Moab on my own.

I had only a month and a half before taken off on the road trip of a lifetime. I sold everything I owned. Literally owning nothing but the contents that would fit into my car and took off. Spending my first month exploring the beauty and wild of Colorado I was now headed deeper West to play.

As I sat in Salt Lake I began to look at my timeline. Tessa and I were hosting our second women’s retreat in about 8 days giving me plenty of time to explore… but the backtracking. What if I drive all of that way and it isn’t worth it? What if I get there and then I realize this isn’t where I am supposed to be? What if… what if… what if…

I took a moment to pause. Breathe. Ask myself…

“Kimberly what do you want?”

“I want to be in the desert” came out as soon as I asked and I hit the road. I put my duffle bag carrying the only clothes I own into my car, said goodbye to my friend, and let the desert draw me into its magic.

I arrived early in the afternoon and already I knew… this is it. I drove into Moab, which is 5 miles from the Arches National Park park entrance and bought some food and some wine for the night.

If you have never been to Arches the campground in the park is literally the last thing in the park. You have to drive up this windy, beautiful desert road 18 miles until you enter the campground. At this point I was losing sunlight so setting up camp became my first priority.

With my tent up, campsite paid for, I decided to catch the sunset. My heart knew this was it…the beginning of my new life. A life of independence, empowerment, adventure, and being devoted to modeling my version Revolutionary Living in the world.

After being blown away by the beauty of the sun going to sleep I walked back to my campsite. It was 5:00pm and I had maybe 20 minutes of sunset sunlight left to get a fire started. This was my first time to camp and start a fire by myself. It took time, but I did it. I felt good, strong, alive, and powerful. I kept saying “I really can do anything can’t I?”. At approximately 6:30-7:00pm and I had run out of the small bundle of firewood I had purchased at the campground office and thought… now what? Well I guess I will go to sleep so I can wake up early and catch the sunrise.

photo (1)

I bundled up in my tent and fell fast asleep.

I woke up and it was still dark. I took my phone out and it read 3:00am. I took a breath and closed my eyes but all that happened was I laid there wide awake. Thinking ‘shit I am completely awake and it is 3:00am’. In that exact moment I remembered the wine I had bought. I decided you know what … it is a full moon, I have wine, I am a poet, and I am really inspired right now.

I got up blanket in hand, walked by moonlight to my car, grabbed said wine and journal and climbed the biggest red rock I could find next to my tent. I made it to the top and sat. I began to write. Everything was lit by the full moon. It was perfect. I was inspired by the people I had met during my trip thus far. I was inspired by my courage, fire, and drive to create the life of my dreams. All of it. Words began to pour out of my body… same as the wine did.

In this moment I felt this energy come over me. It was a feeling of being connected to who I really am. It was a feeling of being connected to everything: the Earth, the moon, nature, all other beings… Tears began to stream down my face. I realized in this moment how much I love to be with myself. I realized how much I admired and adored myself. I realized how perfect, whole, and complete I am. I realized that I am going to be not only okay but I am doing it. I am on the right path. This is it. This is what it feels like to know. This is what it feels like to be alive and in love with your life. This is what it feels like to be empowered as a woman here on this Earth.

The only thing, obviously, left to do was howl into the moon and give thanks and gratitude for this opportunity of growth and this opportunity of feeling so connected and in love with my life.

So I began to howl… over and over again. My soul was speaking to every single thing that has come before, currently is, and will come after…

It just kept coming.

Then abruptly a deep voice came from below where other tents and people were deep in sleep from their days adventuring in this beautiful, amazing place.

“Shut the F*$k up.”

I came to. I realized crap I am in a campground. I totally had forgotten. I was in it. I was living. All I could do was begin to laugh and smile.

In fact I am not sure that smile has left my face since. I had my light back. I had experienced exactly what I was looking for: peace, freedom, bliss, and a little laughter to give it the perfect flavor.

I am sharing this story because during the last few months of traveling and taking 100% responsibility for creating my dream life I have realized that this is it for me.

My message is to share that how we lead and become leaders in this world is by the lives we live.

Our lives are how we lead, make a difference, leave our mark, and influence the masses… this is it. 

I knew in that moment because I was doing it. It was the moment I knew I couldn’t turn back. I was altered at such a soul level that everything changed.

My life is my message and how I want to influence the world.

How I live is how I lead.

I am meant to model my Revolutionary Life, share the stories from my adventures, and then guide others to find the courage, clarity, and strength to do the same. I am meant to love myself with such fierceness that others are touched by the love by simply being in my presence. I want to guide others to find their version of the unshakeable love I have found for myself. This is it.

I have the tools that allow humans to interact and dance with life in such a way that they have freedom, peace, and soooooo much contentment and bliss!

I am following my bliss so that you have permission to follow yours. Thank you for coming here and joining us on this journey.

This is what I am doing here. I am here to let you know that there is a different way to live. I want you to know that your happiness does not depend on the circumstances surrounding you or the situations that you find yourself in. You can be happy because you choose to be happy. I am here because I believe how we live is how we lead. Our lives are the example, model, and difference we make in this world. We can’t truly lead and live our best life until we know and cherish ourselves.

To be a Revolutionary and a Leader on this Earth is simply done by taking full responsibility for creating yourself and your life.

I spent years figuring this out. I spent years discovering myself and discovering how to create my dream life so that I could help others do the same. I am a firm believer that we do not need to recreate the wheel. With that said I have created processes and programs that take self-development to the next level. Revolutionary Living is a process of self-discovery and boldly creating the life of your dreams.

This work sets my heart on fire. I believe in this process so much that I have devoted my life to it.

Creating The Revolutionary Living Institute with Tessa has been the greatest gift I have ever given myself. This is my life work. I have never been so sure of anything in my entire life.

Who knew that two years ago, with what started as just conversations over coffee, would lead to the most amazing relationship to myself, business, and life.

Tessa and I are fiercely dedicated to giving you the best coaching, tools, and space that there is out there to get you everything you could ever dream of in your life and business. We do this through continuing to do our own work and to walk our talk in such a way that our lives inspire and motivate others to go after their Revolutionary Life.

I want to empower and awaken the planet.

My vision is to do so by being an example and an ambassador. I want each step I place on the planet to be with full awareness of my worthiness and the innate worthiness of all other humans. I want to be conscious that my actions, words, and work in this world makes an impact and I want to walk always aligning these with my highest purpose. I want to live a life so passionate and so on my own terms that people are inspired by simple witnessing my life.

I want to use my business, The Revolutionary Living Institute, as a vehicle to create my dream life and I want it to be a prevalent business model for others to create or recreate their businesses inside of their dream life, passions, values, and talents. I want to do all of these things by being a Revolutionary Living and Business Coach, a Spiritual Teacher and World Leader, here at RLI we call us Revolutionary Leaders. I want my impact to happen through coaching. Speaking on stages. Writing books. Loving each and every human I encounter. Starting with loving and honoring myself first, always. Walking my talk.

I am a Revolutionary Living and Leadership Coach.

I have combined my training in both Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching to provide the most powerful and effective self-development work out there.

Revolutionary Living Coaching is a revolutionary approach to personal development. (Defined below.)

I am also an adventurist, poet, digbagprenuer, truthsayer, wild woman, freedom advocate, and 100% lover.

I want to start by defining a few things:

Leadership: the ability of someone to show the way or induce influence to a person or group (adapted by me from

Personal Development: the process by which a person’s character or abilities are gradually developed.

Personal development and self-exploration is no longer an option in our current society and reality. We are living in a time where everything moves quicker than we can cope with. We are living in a time that everything we know changes faster than we can keep up with. (Take a look at the constant progression of technology.) We are living in a time with more options than we know what to do with. We could have a million different career paths, along with a million different potential hobbies, along with a million types of milk in our grocery stores to choose from. Yet we also confusingly live in a time of scarcity… we aren’t skinny enough, smart enough, rich enough, pretty enough, sexed up enough, loved enough… Too much and not enough… Confusing right???

All of this is added stress to just trying to live. Making it hard to cope with simple things in life like stress, anxiety, relationships, decision making, depression, anger, or fear. Thank goodness we aren’t also still being chased by tigers… I mean shit I can’t even imagine. Personal-development and knowing oneself, is in my opinion, the way we learn the skills to cope, have clarity, and to be a powerful force in the sea of chaos in which we live. Developing oneself is a process of being able to access clarity, joy, and groundedness in a world that is swirling by around us at speeds we can’t even understand.

This tied with leadership is in my opinion the sweet spot. Maybe because leadership to me is different than you might have once heard it defined.

Becoming the person you have always dreamed of being is what being a leader is in this world.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Owning and taking responsibility for who you are in this world is leadership. Leadership is not a title, or position, or a monumental moment or accomplishment. Leadership is everything. Being a leader is owning and taking responsibility for every aspect of your life. Leading is a nothing more than what you model in how you live. Modeling is the process of creating influence in the world simply by the life you live. Your life is your mark here. Your every move and every action and every word is how you make a difference. We think making a difference or being a leader must look like a certain way and I am here to say that we are all leaders… and how we live and what we do is what we are leading in. Take a moment and look at your life… if you died tomorrow does your life model what you want to leave the world with? Does your life resemble the influence you want to make?

This is Revolutionary Living.

Working with me gives you the tools, skills, and space to explore what it looks like to be a leader while participating and living in our current society and in this day and age. Doing the work to have the coping skills, inner strength, courage, and knowledge to not get lost in the hustle bustle of life. Working with me gives everything you need to be effective and efficient in every area of life.

Leading is loving yourself and living your Revolutionary Life.

The way you live your life is your message whispering to the masses. Every moment you get to whisper and model exactly what you want for the world in how you live. This does not mean you don’t get to play big or do huge things on this planet… but what it means it is starts with your life. It starts with how you wake up, how you take to strangers, the state of your close relationships, the way you spend your money, the way you make your money… it is everything.

Working with me is an exploration and journey into becoming more yourself while also learning to be in the world. Learning how to not lose yourself in a time when it is so easy to do so. This is sacred space to explore, create, and go after everything you have ever dreamed of.

Own your greatness and leadership in this world. Living your dream life is the best way to love your life and influence the masses at the same time.

We need people to own their leadership on this planet more than ever! The time is now!!

Join me and step into the best version of yourself and a life you are in love with.

Let’s play!

Do Life Differently

Is this you?

You have always known you are meant for big things and want to make a difference on this planet.

You want to be a leader, visionary, or warrior and want the skills and tools to do so in our chaotic, confusing world. 

You want your life to inspire others.

You are ready to step into the most powerful and capable version of yourself. 

You are ready to take responsibility for creating your life. 

You are ready to stop letting life, excuses, and fears get in the way of you getting and doing what you want. 

You desire self love, knowledge, and actualization.

You are truly ready to fall in love with yourself and your life. 


Are you someone who wants to unleash your inner badass and set the world on fire with your passions?


If so, I am your Revolutionary Living and Leadership Coach!


My specialties lie in three areas: self love and self actualization, wild and free living, and being a traveling entrepreneur (dirtbagpreneur). 

I work in all three because all three are what I have been through, learned from, and discovered in my own life. I teach what I know and what I am best at.

If you have an interest in working with me, please sign up for a free 30 minute session to pow-wow together, talk high-level strategy in your life or business, and empower you to make moving forward, being fully you, happiness, and living boldly non-negotiable.

30 Minutes to Being a Leader in Your Life and in The World. Step into the person and the life you have always dreamed of. 

This is a 30 minute session with a Revolutionary Thinker, World Leader, Bold Action Taker, Wild Truth Sayer, and Freedom Advocate! 

During your 30 minute transformational session we will explore where you are, where you want to be, what keeps you from getting from A to B. Then we will develop action steps to that you can move forward, access joy, own your inner badass, and boldly create your dream life. This is a powerful half hour where you see that all of the things you have been dreaming of are now possible and within your reach! (This session is for business or for life. I am very clear the two aren’t separate.)

Follow my Revolutionary Life...


“Go find yourself first, so you can also find me."



Revolutionaries who have
worked with me...


"At the end of my fourth year of graduate school I felt completely stuck. I felt complacent, unmotivated, and laden with guilt about all the things I wasn’t doing. I wasn’t meeting my expectations for myself and I had reached the point where I was afraid to even voice those expectations, for fear that I would have to admit I was no where near where I wanted to be.

My first meeting with Kim was deeply reflective and emotional. She provided a space where I could finally say out loud the things I was afraid to say. Now, after several sessions together, I have more respect for myself than I’ve ever had before. I’m proud of myself for what I have done, what I haven’t done, and what I’m doing. Prior to working with Kim I would have described myself as a quitter – great at having big ideas, terrible at following through with any of them. Now I’m setting goals for myself and consistently meeting them, all while having profound conversations with myself about why those goals are important to me. Kim’s guidance and mentorship is life-changing. She is supportive and nurturing, motivating and empowering, and she is the reason I know that I will succeed."

~ Amy Cole




"Last year I watched one of my closest friends transform her life. It was amazing to see her bloom before my eyes over just a few months...and the secret to this transformation? Kimberly. My friend and I talked often about her experiences with Kimberly; she challenged me to reach out to Revolutionary Living and schedule an initial session to explore the possibilities of working with Kimberly.

Let me tell you...that one phone call, that initial session set me on a path I never knew existed. I have never been so impacted by one person in my life. Each session brought me a huge ah-ha moment...from learning what it means to powerfully chose each moment, breaking out of old patterns and creating new ones, believing in kindness, love and being who I want to show up as in the world. Kimberly helped me build my toolbox so I can live with purpose and intention.

Because of my work with Kimberly, I have been able to let go of the stress and anxiety that used to rule my life everyday. Because of my work with Kimberly, I believe I am a better partner in all my relationships. Because of my work with Kimberly, I am taking care of me in a way I never knew I could. Because of my work with Kimberly, I am powerfully choosing to live the life I want to live.

Kimberly changed my life. I have so much gratitude towards her and Revolutionary Living. If you want to get out of that funk and go after a life you've always dreamed of, do what I did and reach out to Kimberly. Working with Kimberly is the best decision I have ever made and I know I am living a better life because of what we accomplished together.

Before Kimberly I thought anything might be possible, but because of Kimberly, I now believe anything is possible.

~ Carly Morse




"2013 was a life changing year for me and one of the main reasons was because of Kimberly Johnson. Before I started working with her, I felt very lost and afraid of starting my own health coaching business. I had the information but not the tools. Kimberly instantly connected with me and created a safe and honest place to discuss my fears, dreams and desires. Kimberly helped me narrow down and focus on what I really wanted to accomplish as a health coach. She has a unique gift of helping you to look inside yourself and see things from a new and positive perspective. Kimberly was a gentle guide through every session but also held me accountable for my weekly assignments. After every phone session, I always felt elated and positive with thoughts that I could accomplish anything and it was because of her excellent coaching skills that I was able to design my personal coaching program. I would never have gotten to the place I am now without her, both professionally and personally. Thank you, Kimberly! I am truly grateful for you!

~ Frances Cook




"Before working with Kimberly, I was in a state of overwhelm and self doubt most especially surrounding my new business as a health coach. I was struggling with low self -confidence. Working with Kimberly has been the best decision I’ve made. I felt an instant connection when we first met last May. Since then, she’s helped me to get clear on who I serve by helping me clear the mental clutter and deal with old thought patterns so I can boldly move forward in my business and my life. She has a gift of zeroing in on just what I need to work on in each session. I always complete my session with her feeling energized and with a solid action plan. Having her as my accountability person has been transformative! I am a different person now than when we began working together and through Kimberly’s expert coaching skills and deep commitment to my success I am able to have the life I’ve imagined. Thank you, Kimberly!! I am so grateful for you!!

~ Maureen Manning

Health & Nutrition Coach, CHHC, AADP




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