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we are igniting a Movement to…

Do LIFE Differently

Live by our values, see endless possibility and claim our freedom so we can feel the way we want to feel now not “Someday”.

Do BUSINESS Differently

Make a living by living the life we want and create a community around the idea that ALL our businesses RISE together so we can boldly SHARE OUR GIFTS WITH THE WORLD.

Do COACHING Differently

Find our voices and the Revolutionary Leaders within us so we can catapult individuals AND start MASS MOVEMENTS in the world.

"In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.”

~Marianne Williamson

The RLI Community is for folks with a little rebel in them…

A questioning of the status quo…

An urge to do things differently and TAKE BOLD ACTION…

A feeling of being at that tipping point where you can no longer keep going through the same old patterns and motions. The moment change becomes non-negotiable...

This community gives permission, inspiration, coaching, support, resources, connections, and collaborations to design and manifest the life you want. Settling is for yesterday. Living like a Revolutionary is for today.

And in those moments when things feel impossible, the Revolutionary Mindset and Revolutionary Life & Business Design tools can show you all of the possibilities you never thought were there and then empower you to take the bold actions that are in alignment with your most authentic self.

Meet Your Coaches



Your Revolutionary Leaders

are two awesome, big-dreaming, bold-acting women, who met on craigslist, began having revolutionary conversations in a coffee shop and have been holding each other accountable to making their happiness non-negotiable ever since.

They are trained coaches and experienced entrepreneurs who walk their talk and use bold methods to spark a fire in each human who is ready to make their happiness non-negotiable.

Now they are taking these conversations and tools out into the world to support

The Revolutionary Living Institute




What we do here...

Private Coaching & Individualized VIP Retreats

Get complete focus and personalized programs from Tessa, The Revolutionary Living & Business Strategist or Kimberly, The Revolutionary Mindset Maven to design and manifest YOUR Revolutionary Life & Business.

The Revolutionary Living Club

Become a part of an amazing group of Revolutionaries who will support, inspire, and promote even your craziest of dreams via a private forum and monthly coaching call! It’s FREE!

The "Break The Rules" Library

These are calls, resources, and tools created by the Visionaries and Revolutionaries of the Revolutionary Living Institute: Kimberly Johnson and Tessa Chittle. But also, here is housed the voices and resources of other amazing humans that are sharing their stories, their brilliant knowledge, and anything else they are inspired to share. Learn More...

The Revolutionary Leaders Program

A community of Leaders spreading the collaborative movement to do life and business differently. We personally invite RLI members who demonstrate leadership and commitment to this Revolutionary Living Movement into our inner circle...offering opportunities to speak, mentor, collaborate on programs, and be a part of something huge in the world. Learn More...


Ignite a conversation of happiness, Revolutionary Living, and Revolutionary Business in your community by inviting us to speak at your next telesummit, retreat, interview, or event.

How we are different....

We are Happiness Experts. 

We are EASE & FREEDOM Addicts. 

We are Output Coaches. 

We are Revolutionaries. 

We are Game Changers. 

We are Bold Action Takers. 

We experiment with everything we believe to be true. 

We don't believe it has to be HARD. 

We think EFFECTIVE is better than PRODUCTIVE. 

We are Authentic and ACCESSIBLE. 

We are collaborators. 

We are not just another coaching business.

We are a Movement.

And YOU will define it.

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